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Religions of the United States in Practice, Volume 1
Edited by Colleen McDannell

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Princeton Readings in Religions v
Contributors ix
Introduction by Colleen McDannell

Praying: Individual and Communal Worship
1.The Amidah in Colonial Americanm Synagogues by Dianne Ashton 11
2.Seventeenth-Century Puritan Conversion Narratives by Elizabeth Reis 22
3.The Book of Common Prayer and Eighteenth-Century Episcopalians by Robert Bruce Mullin 32
4.The Green Corn Ceremony of the Muskogees by Joel W. Martin 48
5.The Way of Holiness: The Friday Meeting by A. Gregory Schneider 67
6.Reception of Novices into the Order of the Sisters of St. Benedict by Patricia O'Connell Killen 74

Singing: Songs of Devotion, Praise, and Protest
7.English Hymnody in Early America by Michael J. McClymond 89
8.The 1842 Hymnal of Penina Moise by Dianne Ashton 108
9.Catholic Song in the Antebellum United States by Robert R. Grimes, S.J. 122
10.African American Spirituals by Paul Harvey 138
11.Ojibwe Funerary Hymn Singing by Michael D. McNally 150
12.Temperance Songs and Hymns by Carolyn DeSwarte Gifford 158

Teaching: Learning How to Live Correctly
13.The Celebration of Marriage in the Dutch Reformed Church by Daniel James Meeter 171
14.The Visions of Plenty-coups by Joel W. Martin 181
15.Mary Anne Sadlier's Advice for Irish Catholic Girls by Liz Szabo Hernadi 197
16.John Humphrey Noyes, the Oneida Community, and Male Continence by Michael J. McClymond 218
17.Is Life Worth Living? by Paul Jerome Croce 234
18.In His Steps: A Social Gospel Novel by Janet C. Olson 253

Healing: Health, Happiness, and the Miraculous
19.The Spiritual Meanings of Illness in Eighteenth-Century New England by Kenneth P Minhema 269
20.Supernaturalism and Healing in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by Grant Underwood 299
21.Christian Physiology and Diet Reform by Peter Gardella 310
22.Sickness, Death, and Illusion in Christian Science by Craig R. Prentiss 320
23.The Miracles of St. Anthony of Padua by Timothy J. Meagher 337

Imagining: The Unseen World
24.The Life and Death of Mother Marie de Saint Joseph by Julia Boss 347
25.Possession, Witchcraft, and the Demonic in Puritan Religious Culture by Kenneth P Minhema 366
26.Speech of Sose-Há-Wā and the Code of Handsome Lake by Matthew Dennis 402
27.A Methodist Dream of Heaven and Homeland by A. Gregory Schneider 417
28.African-American Vision Stories by Elizabeth Reis 426

Persuading: Witnessing, Controversies, and Polemics
29.Native American Visionary Experience and Christian Missions by Michael D. McNally 445
30.American Anti-Catholic Pornography by Peter Gardella 452
31.The Christian Doctrine of Slavery by Paul Harvey 466
32.Trance Lecturers in Antebellum America by Ann Braude 483
33.The Cremation versus Burial Debate by Stephen Prothero 492

Index 505

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File created: 4/21/2017

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