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Schools of Thought:
Twenty-Five Years of Interpretive Social Science
Edited by Joan W. Scott & Debra Keates

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ACKNOWLEDGMENTS vii INTRODUCTION: Clifford Geertz School Building: A Retrospective Preface PART ONE: Blurred Genres: Reflections on Disciplinary Practices 13 CHAPTER 1: Quentin Skinner Political Theory after the Enlightenment Project 15 CHAPTER 2: Wolf Lepenies Twenty-five Years of Social Science and Social Change: A Personal Memoir 25 CHAPTER 3: Gavin Wright Economic History as a Cure for Economics 41 CHAPTER 4: Judith Butler Can the "Other" of Philosophy Speak? 52 CHAPTER 5: Renato Rosaldo Reflections on Interdisciplinarity 67 PART TWO: The State of the Art: New Methods and New Questions 83 CHAPTER 6: Joan W. Scott After History? 85 CHAPTER 7: Anna Tsing The Global Situation 104 CHAPTER 8: Charles Taylor Modernity and Identity 139 CHAPTER 9: Kaushik Basu The Role of Norms and Law in Economics: An Essay on Political Economy 154 CHAPTER 10: Peter Galison Material Culture, Theoretical Culture, and Delocalization 179 CHAPTER 11: Andrew Pickering Science as Alchemy 194 PART THREE: Thick Description: Field Overviews and Institutional History 207 CHAPTER 12: William H. Sewell, Jr. Whatever Happened to the "Social" in Social History? 209 CHAPTER 13: Nicholas B. Dirks Postcolonialism and Its Discontents: History, Anthropology, and Postcolonial Critique 227 CHAPTER 14: David E. Apter Structure, Contingency, and Choice: A Comparison of Trends and Tendencies in Political Science 252 CHAPTER 15: Mary Poovey Interdisciplinarity at New York University 288 PART FOUR: The World in Pieces: Political Philosophy and World Governance 313 CHAPTER 16: Jean Bethke Elshtain Political Theory and Moral Responsibility 315 CHAPTER 17: Jane Mansbridge A "Moral Core" Solution to the Prisoners' Dilemma 330 CHAPTER 18: Michael Rustin Reinterpreting Risk 348 CHAPTER 19: Istvan Rev Retrotopia: Critical Reason Turns Primitive 364 CHAPTER 20: Michael Walzer International Society: What Is the Best that We Can Do? 388 AUTHOR NOTES 403

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File created: 4/21/2017

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