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  The Collected Works of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Vol. 16, Part 1:
Poetical Works: Part 1. Poems (Reading Text) (Two volume set)
Edited by J.C.C. Mays

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Poetical Works
1"First attempt at making a verse" 3
2Fragments of an Ode on Punning 3
3Dura Navis 5
4Greek Epigram on Aphrodite and Athena 8
5Easter Holidays 8
6Nil Pejus Est Caelibe Vita 10
7De Medio Fonte Leporum Surgit Aliquid Amari 11
8Oh! Mihi Prxteritos Referat si Jupiter Annos! 12
9Sonnet: To my Muse 13
10Sonnet: "As late I journey'd o'er th' extensive plain" 14
11The Nose: An Odaic Rhapsody 15
12Conclusion to a Youthful Poem 18
13An Ode on the Destruction of the Bastile 18
14Sonnet: To the Evening Star 21
15Sonnet: Composed in Sickness 22
16A Few Lines Written by Lee when Mad 23
17Sonnet: Genevieve 25
18Nemo Repente Turpissimus 26
19Sonnet: Anna and Harland 27
20The Abode of Love 28
21Monody on a Tea Kettle 29
22An Invocation 31
23Honos Alit Artes 31
24Prospectus and Specimen of a Translation of Euclid 33
25Sonnet: On Receiving an Account that my Sister's
Death was Inevitable 38
26Sonnet: On Seeing a Youth Affectionately Welcomed by his Sister 39
27Ardua Prima Via Est 40
28Greek Imitation of A Winter Piece 43
29O Curas Hominum! O Quantum Est in Rebus Inane! 45
30Happiness: A Poem 48
31An Anthem for the Children of Christ's Hospital 51
32Sonnet: Sent to Mrs with Fielding's Ameba 53
33Sonnet: On Quitting Christ's Hospital 54
34Ode to Sleep 55
35Plymtree Road 56
36Ode on the Ottery and Tiverton Church Music 57
37Epigram on my Godmother's Beard 59
38On Imitation 60
39Absence: An Ode 60
40Greek Epitaph on an Infant 62
41An Ode in the Manner of Anacreon 63
42A Wish Written in Jesus Wood 64
43A Lover's Complaint to his Mistress 66
44To Disappointment 66
45Fragment Found in a Mathematical Lecture Room 68
46On a Lady Weeping 69
47Greek Epitaph for Howard's Tomb 71
48Sors Misera Servorum in Insulis Indiae Occidentalis 72
49A Simile; Written after a Walk before Supper 84
50Latin Lines on Ottery's Inhabitants 85
51The Complaint of Ninathoma 87
52Two Lines on the Poet Laureate 89
53O Turtle-eyed Affection! 89
54Latin Verses, Sent to George Coleridge 90
55Imitated from Ossian 91
56On Presenting a Moss Rose to Miss F. Nesbitt 92
57Cupid Turn'd Chymist 94
58An Extempore 96
59Elegy 97
60Absence: A Poem 99
61Sonnet: To the Autumnal Moon 103
62To a Painter 104
63To Miss Dashwood Bacon of Devonshire 106
64Songs of the Pixies 107
65To Fortune, on Buying a Ticket in the Irish Lottery 112
66Domestic Peace 114
67Song: Imitated from Casimir 115
68To a Friend in Answer to a Melancholy Letter 117
69From Perspiration: A Travelling Eclogue 120
70Lines on the "Man of Ross" 121
71Latin Lines on Mary Evans 122
72Stanzas from an Elegy on a Lady 123
73Imitated from the Welsh 124
74Lines to a Beautiful Spring in a Village 125
75The Sigh 127
76The Kiss 128
77Two Versions of an Epitaph on an Infant 129
78Sonnet on Pantisocracy (with Samuel Favell) 131
79To Ann Brunton: Imitated from the Latin of Francis Wrangham 132
80To Eliza Brunton, on Behalf of Francis Wrangham 134
81To a Young Lady, with a Poem on the French Revolution 135 82 Monody on the Death of Chatterton 139
83Sonnet: To my Own Heart 145
84To a Young Ass, its Mother Being Tethered near It 146
85Lines on a Friend, Who Died of a Frenzy Fever, Induced by Calumnious Reports 148
86Sonnet: To the Author of The Robbers 151
87Sonnet: On Hope (with Charles Lamb) 153
88Sonnet: To an Old Man in the Snow (with Samuel Favell)
89Sonnet: To the Hon Mr Erskine 155
90Sonnet: To Burke 156
91Sonnet: To Priestley 157
92Sonnet: To Fayette 158
93Sonnet: To Kosciusko 159
94Sonnet: To Pitt 160
95Sonnet: To Bowles 161
96Sonnet: To Mrs Siddons (with Charles Lamb) 164
97Sonnet: To William Godwin, Author of Political Justice 165
98Sonnet: To Robert Southey, of Baliol College, Oxford, Author of the "Retrospect," and Other Poems 167
99Sonnet: To Richard Brinsley Sheridan, Esq. 167
100 To a Friend, together with an Unfinished Poem 169
101Religious Musings 171
102Sonnet: To Lord Stanhope 191
103Adaptation of Robert Southey's Sonnet "Pale Roamer thro' the Night!" 192
104Adaptation of Charles Lamb's Sonnet Written at Midnight, by the Sea-side 194
105To an Infant 195
106Contribution to The Soldier's Wife, by Robert Southey 196
107Allegoric Vision 197
108Composed While Climbing the Left Ascent of Brockley Coomb, in the County of Somerset 203
109To the Rev W.J.H. While Teaching a Young Lady Some Song-tunes on his Flute 204
110Contributions to Joan of Arc, by Robert Southey 205
111In the Manner of Spenser 225
112To the Nightingale 227
113Adaptation of Charles Lamb's Sonnet "Was it some sweet device of faery land . . .?" 228
114Adaptation of Charles Lamb's Sonnet "Methinks, how dainty sweet it were" 229
115The Eolian Harp: Composed at Clevedon, Somersetshire 231
116Ode to Sara, Written at Shurton Bars, near Bridgewater, in Answer to a Letter from Bristol 235
117Lines to Joseph Cottle 240
118Translations of Homer Iliad 1.34, 49 242
119The Silver Thimble (with Sara Fricker Coleridge) 243
120Fragments of an Epistle to Thomas Poole 246
121Summary Version of Horace 248
122Fragments from the Gutch Notebook 248
123The Hour When We Shall Meet Again 254
124Lines on Observing a Blossom 256
125Verse Motto to Poetical Epistles 257
126Lines on the Portrait of a Lady 258
127From an Unpublished Poem 258
128Recollection 259
129Reflections on Having Left a Place of Retirement 260
130Irregular Sonnet: To John Thelwall 264
131To the Princess of Wales: Written during her Separation from the Prince 265
132Poetical Address for Home Tooke 266
133To a Friend Who Had Declared his Intention of Writing No More Poetry 269
134Sonnet: Written on Receiving Letters Informing Me of the Birth of a Son, I Being at Birmingham 272
135Sonnet: Composed on a Journey Homeward, the Author Having Received Intelligence of the Birth of a Son 273
136Sonnet: To a Friend, Who Asked How I Felt, When the Nurse First Presented my Infant to Me 275
137Sonnet: Introducing Charles Lloyd's Poems on the Death of Priscilla Farmer 276
138To Charles Lloyd, on his Proposing to Domesticate with the Author 276
139The Destiny of Nations: A Vision 279
140Sonnet: To the River Otter 299
141Adaptation of Thomas Dermody 300
142Ode on the Departing Year 302
143Lines to a Young Man of Fortune Who Abandoned Himself to an Indolent and Causeless Melancholy 312
144On Quitting Oxford Street, Bristol, for Nether Stowey, New Year's Day 1797 313
145The Raven 316
146To Thomas Poole: Invitation to Dine 320
147On the Christening of a Friend's Child 321
148To an Unfortunate Woman, Whom I Knew in the Days of her Innocence: Composed at the Theatre 323
149Allegorical Lines on the Same Subject 325
150To the Rev George Coleridge of Ottery St Mary, Devon, with Some Poems 326
151Song from Osorio/Remorse 328
152The Foster-mother's Tale: A Dramatic Fragment 329
153The Dungeon 333
154Melancholy: A Fragment 334
155Continuation of The Three Graves, by William Wordsworth 336
156This Lime-tree Bower my Prison 349
157Sonnet: To William Linley, Esq., While He Sang a Song to Purcell's Music 354
158Sonnets Attempted in the Manner of "Contemporary Writers" 355
159Sonnet: To a Lady 357
160The Wanderings of Cain 358
161The Rime of the Ancient Mariner 365
162Parliamentary Oscillators 420
163Studies in Cloud Effects 422
164On Deputy 423
165The Apotheosis; or, The Snow-drop 424
166To a Well-known Musical Critic, Remarkable for his Ears Sticking thro' his Hair 427
167Fire, Famine, and Slaughter: A War Eclogue, with an Apologetic Preface 428
168The Old Man of the Alps 444
169Modification of Translation of a Celebrated Greek Sonk. by William Wordsworth 449
170De Papa: Vaticinium Haud Valde Obscurum_ Nee Incredibile, 1798 451
171Frost at Midnight 452
172Lewti; or, The Circassian Love-chant 457
173Welcoming Lines to Lavinia Poole 461
174France: An Ode 462
175Fears in Solitude: Written in April 1798, durine the Alarm of an Invasion 468
176Christabel 477
177The Story of the Mad Ox 504
178Kubla Khan; or, A Vision in a Dream 509
179Contribution to We Are Seven, by William Wordsworth 515
180The Nightingale: A Conversation Poem 516
181To William Wordsworth, with The Nightingale 521
182The Ballad of the Dark Ladie: A Fragment 522
183Translation of an Inscription in Stowey Church 525
184Lines Describing "The silence of a City" 526
185English Hexameters 527
186English Duodecasyllables, Adapted from Matthisson 530
187The Homeric Hexameter Described and Exemplified, Adapted from Schiller 532
188The Ovidian Elegiac Metre Described and Exemplified, from Schiller 532
189Something Childish but Very Natural, from the German 533
190The Visit of the Gods. Imitated from Schiller 515
191Translation of Otfrid 537
192Alcaeus to Sappho (revising William Wordsworth) 539
193On an Infant Who Died before its Christening, Perhaps Inspired by Lessing 541
194Metrical Adaptation of Gessner 542
195Lines in a German Student's Album 543
196Homesick: Written in Germany, Adapted from Biirde 543
197Adapted Lines on Fleas 545
198Extempore Couplet on German Roads and Woods 546
199The Virgin's Cradle-hymn, Copied from a Print of the Virgin in a Catholic Village in Germany 546
200 Lines Written in the Album at Elbingerode, in the Harz Forest 547
201Epigram on Goslar Ale, from the German 549
202Epitaph on Johann Reimbold of Catlenburg, from the German 550
203Epigram on Kepler, from Kastner 551
204Epigram: "Jack drinks fine wines", from Kastner 551
205Epigram on Mr Ross, Usually Cognominated "Nosy" 552
206Epigram: "O would the Baptist come again", from Logau 552
207On the United Irishmen 553
208Epigram on a Reader of his Own Verses, Inspired by Wernicke 554
209Epigram on Neaera's Portrait, Inspired by Lessing 555
210Epigram on Exchanging Friends, from Logau 556
211Epigram on a Slanderer, from Lessing 556
212The British Stripling's War-song, from Stolberg 557
213Epigram on Hippona, from Lessing 559
214The Devil's Thoughts 560
215Before Gleim's Cottage: Elegiacs from Voss 567
216Mahomet: A Fragment 568
217Specimen Elegiacs, Adapting Ossian 572
218Epigram on a Report of a Minister's Death, from Lessing 572
219Epigram to a Proud Parent, from Lessing 573
220Epigram on a Notorious Liar, from Lessing 574
221Epitaph on a Bad Man, Perhaps after Vicesimus Knox 575
222Two Versions of an Epigram on Lying, from Lessing 576
223Epigram on an Oxford Brothelhouse, Adapted from Lessing 579
224Epigram on a Lady's Too Great Fondness for her Dog, rom Lessing 578
225Epigram on Mimulus, from Lessing 579
226Epigram on Paviun, from Lessing 580
227Epitaph on an Insignificant, Adapted from Lessing 580
228Epigram on Marriage, from Lessing 581
229Epigram on Maids and Angels, from Lessing 582
230Epigram to a Virtuous (Economist, from Wemicke 582
231Epigram on Gripus, from Lessing 583
232On the Sickness of a Great Minister, from Lessing 583
233Epigram to an Author, from Lessing 584
234The Lethargist and Madman: A Political Fable, after the Greek Anthology 585
235Epigram to a Critic, Who Extracted a Passage from a Poem 588
236Names, from Lessing 588
237Epigram: Always Audible, from Kiistner 590
238Over the Door of a Cottage, after Logau 590
239The Devil Outwitted; or, Job's Luck, after Logau and John Owen 591
240Epigram on the Speed with Which Jack Writes Verses, after von Halem 592
241Epigram on a Bad Singer, after Pfeffel and Martial 593
242Epigram on a Joke without a Sting 594
243To a Living Ninon d'Enclos 594
244Epigram on a Maiden More Sentimental than Chaste 595
245The Exchange of Hearts 596
246Epigram on a Supposed Son 597
247Pondere, Non Numero, from Logau 597
248Lines Composed in a Concert-room 598
249Hexametrical Translation of Psalm 46 600
250Epigram on Sir Rubicund Naso 602
251To Delia 602
252Couplet on Grosvenor Bedford 603
253Love 604
254Ode to Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, on the 24th Stanza in her Passage over Mount Gothard 610
255The Song of Deborah Translated 613
256Hexametrical Version of Isaiah 615
257Hymn to the Earth, from Stolberg 617
258To a Cataract, from a Cavern near the Sununit of a Mountain Precipice, from Stolberg 620
259Tell's Birth-place, Imitated from Stolberg 624
260A Christmas Carol 626
261Impromptu: On Candles Being Introduced While a Young Lady was Singing 628
262Tafleyrand to Lord Grenville: A Metrical Epistle 629
263A Couplet on Tanning 638
264Lines for Hartley Coleridge 638
265Two Lines on the Stars and the Mountains 639
266On the Poet's Eye 639
267The Two Round Spaces on the Tombstone: A Skeltoniad (to be Read in the Recitative Lilt) 640
268Six Lines on a Keswick Holiday 643
269The Mad Monk 643
270Inscription for a Seat by a Road Side, Half-way up a Steep Hill, Facing the South 647
271A Stranger Minstrel 650
272The Night-scene: A Dramatic Fragment 653
273Two Lines on Remorse 656
274Two Lines on the Cur, Arthritis 657
275After Bathing in the Sea at Scarborough in Company with T. Hutchinson, August 1801 657
276Verse Letter to Miss Isabella Addison and Miss Joanna Hutchinson 659
277Inscription for a Fountain on a Heath 662
278Song to be Sung by the Lovers of All the Noble Liquors Comprised under the Name of Ale 664
279Drinking versus Thinking; or, A Song against the New Philosophy 665
280Lines Written in Bed at Grasmere 666
281The Wills of the Wisp: A Sapphic, from Stolberg 669
282Lines Translated from Barbarous Latin 670
283Ode to Tranquillity 671
284To a Certain Modem Narcissus, from Hagedom 673
285Pastoral from Gessner 673
286Adaptation of Ben Jonson's The Poetaster 675
287Fragment on Time, from Schiller 675
288Lines on the Breeze and Hope 677
289A Letter to 677
290A Soliloquy of the Full Moon, She Being in a Mad Passion 691
291Answer to a Child's Question 694
292Epitaph on Lord Lonsdale 695
293Dejection: An Ode 695
294The Day Dream 702
295Sonnet to Asra 704
296Lines Composed during a Night Ramble behind Skiddaw, at the Foot of Mount Blencarthur, in 1802 705
297Sonnet Adapted from Petrarch 706
298A Version of a Nursery Rhyme 708
299The Keepsake 709
300 The Picture; or, The Lover's Resolution 711
301Hymn before Sun-rise, in the Vale of Chamouny 717
302Dialogue concerning a Good Great Man 723
303The Knight's Tomb 725
304To Matilda Betham, from a Stranger 726
305Epigram on Epigrams, from Wemicke 728
306Epigram on a Congenital Liar, from Wemicke 729
307Epigram on the Devil, from a German Original? 729
308Epigram Addressed to One Who Published in Print What Had Been Entrusted to Him by my Fire-side, from Wemicke 730
309On the Curious Circumstance, that in the German Language the Sun is Feminine, and the Moon Masculine, after Wemicke 731
310Epigram on Spots in the Sun, from Wernicke 732
311Epigram on Surface, from Wemicke 733
312A Dialogue between an Author and his Friend, after Wemicke 734
313Epigram on Possession, from a German Original 735
314Epigram on Castles in the Air, from Wernicke 736
315To a Vain Lady, from the German and from Martial 737
316Epigram to my Candle, after Wernicke 739
317From an Old German Poet (after Wemicke) 739
318Epigram on Bond Street Bucks, Adapted from Wernicke 740
319Epigram on Virgil's "Obscuri sub luce maligna", after Wemicke 740
320Mopooopia or, Wisdom in Folly, from a German Original? 741
321Westphalian Song 742
322A Hint to Premiers and First Consuls 743
323Latin Lines to William Sotheby 744
324Epigram on Aurelia, from Gryphius 744
325For a House-dog's Collar, from Opitz 745
326Epigram on Zoilus, from Opitz 746
327Epitaph on a Mercenary Miser, from Opitz 746
328Latin Lines on a Former Friendship 748
329Greek Lines on Achilles' Meal of Yesterday 748
330The Kiss and the Blush 749
331Grasmere in Sunshine 750
332Fragments of an Unwritten Poem 751
333Three Lines on Loch Lomond 751
334Lines on "Such love as mouming Husbands have" 752
335The Pains of Sleep 753
336Epitaph on Poor Col, by Himself 755
337Brevity of the Greek and English Compared 755
338Lines after Hearing William Wordsworth's Michael 756
339Lines Written at Dove Cottage 757
340Patriotic Stanzas 758
341A Triplet on Triplets 759
342Hexameter Lines to Mrs Coleridge 759
343Cartwright Modified 760
344Epigram on "Dear Anne" 761
345Balsamum in Vitro 762
346Tears and Sympathy 762
347Phantom 763
348To Captain Findlay 764
349Mercury Descending: A Metrical Experiment 765
350Description of the Sun Setting in a Mountainous Country: A Fragment 766
351What is Life? A Metrical Experiment 767
352Adaptation of Hagedom 768
353Metrical Experiments from Notebook 22 768
354Recollections of Love 774
355Fragment: "And laurel Crown" 776
356Fragment: "What never is, but only is to be" 776
357Constancy to an Ideal Object 777
358"This yearning Heart" 779
359Love-Why Blind? 779
360Closing Lines in Notebook 21 780
361Couplet Written in February 1805 780
362Verses on Love and Moral Being 780
363Doleful Dialogue 781
364Curtailed Lines in Notebook 17 782
365A Metaphor 782
366Apostrophe to Beauty in Malta 783
367To God 783
368Irregular Lines on the Sick Man's Comforter 784
369Lines Connected with the Grasmere Circle 784
370Lines on Hearing a Tale 784
371Lines Rewritten from Sannazaro 785
372On the Names in a Malta Notebook 786
373Perhaps a Translation of Some Comically Bad Verses 787
374Latin Lines to William Wordsworth as Judge 787
375Epitaph on Major Dieman, with Comment 788
376On the Name "Chastenut Grove", Derived from Ariosto 789
377On Fetid, Who Died of a Catarrh 790
378On the Family Vault of the Burrs 790
379Lines Written in a Dream 791
380A Single Line on Revenge 792
381Lines on a Death 792
382Written at Ossaia 793
383On Death at Pisa 793
384The Taste of the Times 794
385Lines Rewritten from Spenser's Epithalamium 794
386Lines on a King-and-Emperor-Making Emperor and King, Altered from Fulke Greville 796
387Farewell to Love 797
388Time, Real and Imaginary: An Allegory 798
389Two Epigrams on Pitt and Fox 800
390Adapted from Fulke Greville's Alaham 802
391More Lines Inspired by Fulke Greville 804
392Inspired by Fulke Greville's Alaham 804
393A Greek Song Set to Music and Sung by Hartley Coleridge, Esq., Grecologian, Philometrist, and Philomelist 805
394Verses to Derwent Coleridge, Accompanying Greek Lessons 806
395To Derwent Coleridge: The Chief and Most Common Metrical Feet Expressed in Corresponding Metre 807
396The Blossoming of the Solitary Date-tree 808
397Lines Written in November-December 1806 813
398Written at Coleorton 814
399"Those eyes of deep & most expressive blue" 814
400 A Line Written at Coleorton 815
401To William Wordsworth, Composed on the Night after his Recitation of a Poem on the Growth of an Individual Mind 815
402Psyche; or, The Butterfly 820
403A Metrical Conclusion? 821
404Lines on the Yellowhammer 822
405Parody Epitaph on Tom Navel 822
406Fragments Written in February 1807 822
407Allegorical Description 823
408Three Lines on Penitence 824
409Fate and Conscience 824
410Birds in May 825
411Epigram on Confessions Auricular 825
412The Pang More Sharp than All: An Allegory 825
413On the Roots of a Tree 829
414An Image Compressed from Crashaw 829
415Between Concurrences of Fate 830
416Imitations of Du Bartas etc 830
417Translation of a Distich by Schiller 832
418Translation of a Distich by Goethe and Schiller 832
419On Tom Poole's Meanderings 833
420Lines on Wordsworth and Coleridge 834
421Versified from Bacon 834
422Adapted from a Shakespeare Sonnet 835
423To Two Sisters: A Wanderer's Farewell 835
424Thinking Merrily Alone 838
425Lines Prompted by Chapman 838
426A Line from a Lost Poem? 839
427Two Lines: "Or like the Swallow. . ." 840
428Prayer for Night: For Hartley and Derwent 840
429Ad Vilmum Axiologum 841
430Ad Vilmum Axiologum: Latin Version 842
431An Anagram of Mary Morgan's Face 844
432To Charlotte Brent 844
433Extremes Meet: A Fill-A-Sopha-Col Note 845
433A Lines to Charlotte Brent 1363
434On a Happy Household 846
435Latin Lines to Accompany a Personal Emblem 846
436Latin Lines to Accompany a Second Emblem 847
437A Motto to Accompany a Third Emblem 848
438An Exemplary Description 848
439Latin Elegiacs on Guy Fawkes 849
440Sonnet Translated from Marino 850
441Alternative Stanzas in the Manner of Marino 852
442The Happy Husband: A Fragment 853
443Lines on the Moon 854
444Couplet on Singing in Church 855
445To Mr Amphlett 855
446Adelphan Greek Riddle 856
447Verse Letter to Mrs Coleridge 857
448Another Epitaph on an Infant 859
449A Motto Adapted from Love's Labour's Lost 859
450Three-line Fragment 860
451Contribution to To my Thrushes, by Thomas Wilkinson 860
452For a Clock in a Market-place 862
453On Mr Baker's Marriage: A Fragment 862
454Verses Based on Paracelsus 863
455A Tombless Epitaph 863
456Couplet Written in Autumn 1809 865
457Lines Written in Late Autumn 1809 865
458Verse Line, Late Autumn 1809 866
459Adaptation of Lines from Daniel's Civil Wars 866
460Cartwright Modified Again 868
461Separation, after Charles Cotton 868
462Lines Altered from Fulke Greville's A Treatise of Humane Leaming 870
463Fulke Greville Modified 871
464Further Lines on Tranquillity 872
465Lines on the Body and the Soul 873
466Written in Dejection, May 1810 873
467The Visionary Hope 874
468Fragment in Blank Verse 875
469Humorous Lines, Spring 1810 876
470Voltaire Versified 877
471Gilbert White Versified, on the Owl 877
472Observation on Colour and Light 878
473Burlesque in the Manner of Walter Scott 878
474Translation of a Goethe Epigram 879
475The Moon on the Pacific Main 880
476On the First Poem in Donne's Book 880
477Moles 881
478Limbo: A Fragment 881
479Ne Plus Ultra 884
480Adaptation of Milton's Lines on Shakespeare 885
481Lines Inscribed in Benedetto Menzini 886
482Human Life, on the Denial of Immortality 886
483Phlegethon, Cocytus, and Euterpe: Abandoned Stanzas 888
484Fragmentary Lines on Change 889
485Lines Inspired by Jean Paul 889
486Adaptation of Ben Jonson's A Nymph's Passion 890
487Adaptation of Ben Jonson's The Hour-glass 892
488Lavatorial Lines 893
489Latin Lines Perhaps Connected with John Morgan 894
490The Suicide's Argument, with Nature's Answer 895
491Sir John Davies on the Soul, Adapted to the Imagination 896
492To a Lady, Offended by a Sportive Observation that Women Have No Souls 897
493Latin Distich on Giving and Receiving 898
494A Half-attempt at Verse 899
495A Droll Formulary to Raise Devils 899
496Versified Note to J. J. Morgan 901
497Epigram on Maule and Mather 902
498On the Naming of Bombay 902
499Faith, Hope, Charity, Translated from Guarini 903
500 Metrical Experiment in May 1812 906
501The King of the North Countrie 907
502Epitaph on the Learned Robert Whitmore, E Who Died of a Diarrhcea, 4 August 1812, A~tatis Sux 57 908
503Couplet on Lesbian Lovers 909
504On the Secrecy of a Certain Lady 909
505Maevius-Bavius Exemplum 910
506Lines on Looking Seaward 911
507Lines on Zephyrs 911
508National Independence: A Latin Fragment 912
509To a Lady, with Falconer's Shipwreck 913
510God's Omnipresence: A Hymn 914
511A Couplet to Illustrate Paeon and Epitrite 915
512A Plaintive Movement, after Phineas Fletcher 916
513Motto for a Transparency 916
514On the Condition of Ireland, in the Manner of Daniel's Civil Wars 917
515Written in Richard Field's Of the Church 918
516Revisions of the Opening of Southey's Roderick 919
517Glycine's Song from Zapolya 922
518A Metrical Line in Notebook 22 924
519Metrical Version of Job, from Jacobi 924
520Specimen Translation of Pindar, "Word for Word" 926
521Contemporary Critics 927
522Translation of Dante 928
523Lines on Aurelia Coates 929
524Lines in Praise of Rabelais 930
525EFQENKAIFIAN: A Dithyrambic Ode 931
526To the Morgans 933
527Lines on Superstition 934
528Lines Headed "Orpheus" 935
529Lines Adapted from Jean Paul 935
530Further Lines Adapted from Jean Paul 936
531Epigram on Money 937
532Lines on Crimes and Virtues 937
533Elevated Diarrhoea 937
534Verse Lines from A Lay Sermon 938
535Alternative Translation of Virgil's Bucolics 939
536Motto for Memoranda in Notebook 25 940
537Lines after Punch 940
538Lines for an Autograph Hunter 941
539To a Young Lady Complaining of a Com 941
540Fancy in Nubibus 942
541Imitated from Aristophanes 943
542Part of a Sonnet to Miss Bullock 944
543Israel's Lament on the Death of the Princess Charlotte of Wales, Translated from the Hebrew of Hyman Hurwitz 945
544Rewriting of Lines by Beaumont and Fletcher 952
545A Description of a Nightingale 953
546Lines Suggested by Sir Thomas Browne 954
547Couplet on the Heart Deaf and Blind 954
548Adaptation of Daniel's Epistle to Sir Thomas Egerton 955
549Adaptation of Donne's To Sir Henry Goodyere 957
550Adaptation of Daniel's Musophilus 958
551Adaptation of Donne's Eclogue 1613, December 26 959
552A Further Adaptation of Daniel's Musophilus 959
553Epigraph Verses for The Friend 961
554Adaptation of Lines from Dodsley's Select Collection of Old Plays 961
555Draft Fragment, Perhaps Describing Sara Coleridge 963
556Lines on the Usury of Pain 964
557Distich, Written in February 1819 965
558The Proper Unmodified Dochmius, i.e., Antispastus Hypercatalecticus 965
559"Beareth all things" 966
560To a Coniic Author, on an Abusive Review 967
561A Character 969
562Extempore Specimen of the Pun Polysyllabic 973
563Riddle for Materialists 973
564Extempore, to Charles Mathews 974
565The Tears of a Grateful People 975
566Couplet on Anticipation and Theory, Genius and Cleverness 989
567Couplet on Man as Solar Animal 989
568Greek Couplet on Lauderdale 989
569On Footnotes, in a Letter 990
570A Practical Problem concerning Flies 991
571Music 992
572Sonnet: To Nature 992
573A Couplet Addressed to the Mind's Ear 993
574First Advent of Love 994
575Where is Reason? 994
576Adapted from H61ty 995
577Lines from the Bhagavad-Gita, from Creuzer 997
578Fireside Anacreontic 998
579Mock Epitaph on Sir William Curtis 999
580Lines Recorded by Thomas Allsop 999
581Fickle Flowers: A Madrigal 1000
582To a Lady: A Poem upon Nothing 1001
583The Good, the True, the Fair 1001
584Nonsense Sapphics, Written for James Gillman Jr 1002
585The Reproof and Reply; or, The Flower-thief's Apology 1003
586The Battle of the Bridge Rewritten 1006
587Latin Couplet Adapted from John Swan 1007
588Lines on Moonwort, with Du Bartas 1008
589The Bridge Street Committee 1008
590Parody Couplet on Wordsworth 1010
591Lines on the Time, 10 September 1823 1011
592Youth and Age 1011
593Album Verses: "Dewdrops are the Gems of Morning" 1013
594Translation of Goethe: "One friendly word . . ." 1015
595"Know'st thou the Land ?", from Goethe 1017
596Heraclitus on the Sibyl's Utterance 1019
597Extempore Lines in Notebook 28 1020
598Alternative Lines for Christopher Harvey's The Synagogue 1021
599The Delinquent Travellers 1022
600 To Miss Jones (or Miss A- T.) 1026
601Adaptation of Daniel's To the Lady Margaret, Countess of Cumberland 1027
602Lines on Edward Irving 1027
603Epigram: "Such as it is" 1028
604Album Verses on Original Sin 1029
605Lines on J. F. Meckel's System der vergleichenden Anatomie 1030
606Work without Hope 1031
607The Three Sorts of Friends 1034
608Lines on the Moss Bee, Bombyx Muscorum 1034
609Captain Parry 1035
610Lines on Ramsgate Weather 1038
611The Booksellers 1039
612"He Gave them but One Heart between them" 1039
613Lines to Eliza 1040
614Adaptation of Herbert's The Dialogue 1042
615Verses in the Margin of Martin Luther 1042
616Adaptation of Lines from Paradise Lost Book X 1043
617Adaptation of Marston 1043
618The Two Founts: Stanzas Addressed to a Lady on her Recovery with Unblemished Looks, from a Severe Attack of Pain 1044
619Virgil Applied to the Hon Mr B and Richard Heber 1047
620Sancti Doniinici Pallium: A Dialogue between Poet and Friend 1048
621Metre and Rhyme in The Life of Jerome of Prague 1054
622The Alternative 1055
623The Improvisatore; or, "John Anderson, my Jo, John" 1055
624The Alienated Mistress (Love's Burial Place) 1062
625The Last Words of Berengarius and Related Poems 1063
626Thou and 1 1066
627Duty, Surviving Self-love, the Only Sure Friend of Declining Life: A Soliloquy 1067
628An Impromptu on Christmas-day 1069
629A Day Dream 1069
630Epigram on a Bitch and a Mare 1071
631"Ewc aei nann0poc etaipoc 1072
632Bo-Peep and I Spy 1073
633Song: "Tho' hid in spiral myrtle Wreath" 1073
634Lines for Mrs Smudger's Album; and Sequel 1074
635Song: Tis not the lily brow I prize" 1075
636Profuse Kindness 1075
637Written in William Upcott's Album 1076
638To Mary S. Pridham 1076
639Lines on Tears, as the Language of the Eye 1077
640Romance; or, Tale of the Dark Age 1078
641Verses Trivocular 1079
642Couplet on Joseph Cottle 1079
643Extempore on Three Surgeons 1080
644On the Most Veracious Anecdotist, and Small-talk Man, Thomas Hill, Esq. 1081
645Lines Based on Exodus 17 1082
646Impromptu Lines at Namur 1082
647Water Ballad, from Planard 1083
648Two Expectorations from Cologne 1086
649Impromptu on Hock Heimar 1087
650Absurd German Rhymes 1088
651The Netherlands 1088
652The Garden of Boccaccio 1089
653To Baby Bates 1096
654Exemplary Epitaph on a Black Cat 1097
655Alice du C16s; or, The Forked Tongue: A Ballad 1098
656Reply to a Lady's Question respecting the Accomplishments Most Desirable in an Instructress 1106
657The Teacher's Office 1107
658Lines Written in the Commonplace Book of Miss Barbour, Daughter of the United States Minister to England 1109
659Doggerel on Sir Charles Scudamore 1111
660Extempore on George Dawe 1112
661To Susan Steele, on Receiving the Purse: Extrumpery Lines 1113
662Epigraph Derived from Troilus and Cressida 1114
663Donne by the Filter 1114
664"King Solomon knew all things" 1116
665Love and Friendship Opposite 1117
666Not at Home 1118
667Phantom or Fact? A Dialogue in Verse 1118
668Charity in Thought 1120
669Humility the Mother of Charity 1120
670Association of Ideas 1120
671The Tooth in a Wine-glass: A Sudden Exclamation 1122
672In a Lady's Album 1122
673Inscription on a Time-piece 1123
674An Extempore Couplet in Table Talk 1123

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