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The Novel Art:
Elevations of American Fiction after Henry James
Mark McGurl

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Acknowledgments ix
Introduction: The Rise of the Art-Novel and the Question of Class 1
Certain Novels 1
Mental Labor 10
Methodological Philistinism: From Difference to Distinction 19
One: The Mind's Eye and Mental Labor: Forms of Distinction in the Fiction of Henry James 30
The Novel as Masterpiece 30
Epistemologies of Social Class 42
The Romance of Romance: Virtue Unrewarded 49
Divisive Perspectivism 53
Two: Social Geometries: Taking Place in the Jamesian Modernist Text 57
The Hidden Dimensions of Class 57
Fictions of the Class 66
Extraordinary Readers 74
Three: Downward Mobilities: The Prison of the Womb and the Architecture of Career in Stephen Crane 78
House of Fiction, House of Shame 78
Urban Ambitions: Crane, Wharton, O. Henry 85
Transient Occupations: From Howells to Crane to Dos Passos 102
Four: Highbrows and Du b Blondes: Literary Intellectuals and the Romance of Intelligence 106
Playing Dumb with Anita Loos 106
Bad Students and Smart Sets 111
Morons and Moralizers: The Eugenic Romance 118
Smart White Blacks: Mencken, Stein, and Race 124
Pastoral Intellection 129
Five: Faulkner's Ambit: Modernism, Regionalism, and the Location of Cultural Capital 135
Racinations: A Deeper South 135
Relations: Modernism and Mules 146
Six Making "Literature" of It: Dashiell Ha ett and the Mysteries of High Culture 158
God, Mammon, and Willard Wright 158
Murdering Representation 166
Afterword: Mobius Fictions 177
Notes 183
Index 215

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File created: 4/21/2017

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