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The Twenty-First-Century Firm:
Changing Economic Organization in International Perspective
Edited by Paul DiMaggio

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CHAPTER 1: Introduction: Making Sense of the Contemporary Firm
and Prefiguring Its Future by Paul DiMaggio 3
PART ONE: Portraits From Three Regions 31
CHAPTER 2: The Capitalist Firm in the Twenty-First Century: Emerging Patterns in Western Enterprise by Walter W. Powell 33
CHAPTER 3: Ambiguous Assets for Uncerta in Environments: Heterarchy in Postsocialist Firms by David Stark 69
CHAPTER 4: Japanese Enterprise Faces the Twenty-First Century by D. Eleano Westney 105
PART TWO: Commentaries 145
CHAPTER 5: The Durability of the Corporate Form by Reinier Kraakman 147
CHAPTER 6: The Future of the Firm from an Evolutionary Perspective by David J. Bryce and Jitendra V. Singh 161
CHAPTER 7: Firms (and Other Relationships) by Robert Gibbons 186
CHAPTER 8: Welcome to the Seventeenth Century by Charles Tilly 200
CHAPTER 9: Conclusion: The Futures of Business Organization and Paradoxes of Change by Paul DiMaggio 10
References 45
Index 71

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File created: 10/23/2013

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