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Boundaries and Justice:
Diverse Ethical Perspectives
Edited by David Miller & Sohail H. Hashmi

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Acknowledgments vii
Contributors ix
Introduction by David Miller and Sohail H. Hashmi 3
Chapter One: Christian Attitudes toward Boundaries: Metaphysical and Geographical by Richard B. Miller 15
Chapter Two: The Value of Limited Loyalty: Christianity, the Nation, and Territorial Boundaries by Nigel Biggar 38
Chapter Three: Toward a Liberal Theory of National Boundaries by Loren Lomasky 55
Chapter Four: Hard Borders, Compensation, and Classical Liberalism by Hillel Steiner 79
Chapter Five: Territorial Boundaries and Confucianism by Joseph Chan 89
Chapter Six: Boundaries of the Body and Body Politic in Early Confucian Thought by Michael Nylan 112
Chapter Seven: International Law, Boundaries, and Imagination by Robert McCorquodale 136
Chapter Eight: Territorial Sovereignty: Command, Title, and the Expanding Claims of the Commons by Raul C. Pangalangan 164
Chapter Nine: Islamic Perspectives on Territorial Boundaries and Autonomy by M. Raquibuz Zaman 183
Chapter Ten: Religion and the Maintenance of Boundaries: An Islamic View by Sulayman Nyang 203
Chapter Eleven: Land and People: One Jewish Perspective by David Novak 213
Chapter Twelve: Contested Boundaries: Judaic Visions of a Shared World by Noam J. Zohar 237
Chapter Thirteen: Territorial Boundaries: A Liberal Egalitarian Perspective by Will Kymlicka 249
Chapter Fourteen: Group Boundaries, Individual Barriers by Russell Hardin 276
Chapter Fifteen: Boundaries, Ownership, and Autonomy: A Natural Law Perspective by Joseph Boyle 296
Chapter Sixteen: In Defense of Reasonable Lines: Natural Law from a Natural Rights Perspective by Jeremy Rabkin 317
Chapter Seventeen: The Ethics of Boundaries: A Question of Partial Commitments by Daniel Philpott 335
Index 361

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File created: 4/21/2017

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