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Model Systems in Behavioral Ecology:
Integrating Conceptual, Theoretical, and Empirical Approaches
Edited by Lee Alan Dugatkin

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Preface by Lee Alan Dugatkin xi
Acknowledgments xxiii
PART I Insect & Arachnid Model Systems
1.Golden Flies, Sunlit Meadows: A Tribute to the Yellow Dungfly by Geoff A. Parker 3
2.A Feeling and a Fondness for the Bees by Thomas D. Seeley 27
3.Peeling the Onion: Symbioses between Ants and Blue Butterflies by Naomi E. Pierce 41
4.In Search of Unified Theories in Sociobiology: Help from Social Wasps by Hudson Kern Reeve 57
5.Genetic Consequences of Sexual Selection in Stalk-Eyed Flies by Gerald S. Wilkinson 72
6.The Behavioral Ecology of Stridulatory Communication in Leaf-Cutting Ants by Bert Holldobler and Flavio Roces 92
7.Understanding the Evolution of Social Behavior in Colonial Web-Building Spiders by George W. Uetz 110
PART II Fish, Amphibian, & Reptile Model Systems
8.Variation and Selection in Swordtails by Michael J. Ryan and Gil G. Rosenthal 133
9.Learning from Lizards by Judy Stamps 149
10.Acoustic Communication in Frogs and Toads by H. Carl Gerhardt 169
11.Selection in Local Neighborhoods, the Social Environment, and Ecology of Alternative Strategies by Barry Sinervo 191
12.Synthesis: Environment, Mating Systems, and Life History Allocations in the Bluehead Wrasse by Robert R. Warner 227
13.The Economics of Sequential Mate Choice in Sticklebacks by Manfred Milinski 245
PART III Bird Model Systems
14.Conversing with a Bird: Studies of Mating and Parental Behavior in Red-Winged Blackbirds by David F. Westneat 265
15.The Evolution of Virtual Ecology by Alan C. Kamil and Alan B. Bond 288
16.Wood Ducks: A Model System for Investigating Conspecific Parasitism in Cavity-Nesting Birds by Paul W. Sherman 311
17.The Mexican Jay as a Model System for the Study of Large Group Size and Its Social Correlates in a Territorial Bird by Jerram L. Brown 338
18.Sexual Selection in the Barn Swallow by Anders Pape Moller 359
PART IV Mammal Model Systems
19.Cunning Coyotes: Tireless Tricksters, Protean Predators by Marc Bekoff 281
20.Bottlenose Dolphins: Social Relationships in a Big-Brained Aquatic Mammal by Richard C. Connor 408
21.Bonnet Macaques: Evolutionary Perspectives on Females' Lives by Joan B. Silk 433
22.Chimpanzee Hunters: Chaos or Cooperation in the Forest? by Christophe Boesch 453
23.Cooperative Hunting and Sociality in African Wild Dogs, Lycaon pictus by Scott Creel 466
24.Gorilla Socioecology: Conflict and Compromise between the Sexes by A. H. Harcourt 491
25.Cheetahs and Their Mating System by M. Caro and M. J. Kelly 512
Closing Thoughts by Lee Alan Dugatkin 533
Contributors 535
Index 539

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File created: 4/21/2017

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