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The Human Immunodeficiency Virus:
Biology, Immunology, and Therapy
Edited by Emilio A. Emini

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Preface vii
Contributors xi
Chapter 1
The Structure and Biology of HIV 1: Introduction by Elana Cherry and Mark A. Wainberg
Chapter 2
The Genetics of HIV-1 by Jon P. Anderson, Matthew Rain, Daniel Shriner, Allen G. Rodrigo, Yang Wang, David Nickle, Gerald H. Learn, Willscott E. Naugler, and James I. Mullins 44
Chapter 3
Nucleoside Inhibitors of HIV Reverse Transcriptase and the Problem of Drug Resistance by Matthias Gdtte, Shalom Spira, and Mark A. Wainberg 100
Chapter 4
Non-Nucleoside Reverse Transcriptase Inhibitors of HIV-1 by Jan Balzarini 132
Chapter 5
HIV -1 Protease Inhibitors by Jon H. Condra and Joseph P. Vacca 172
Chapter 6
The Biology and Biochemistry of Integration as a Target for Chemotherapeutic Intervention by Daria J. Hazuda 223
Chapter 7
Chemokine Receptors in HIV Infection and AIDS by Nathaniel R. Landau 250
Chapter 8
Novel HIV-1 Therapeutic Targets: Regulatory Functions by Catherine Ulich and Richard B. Gaynor 294
Chapter 9
Novel HIV -1 Therapeutic Targets: Accessory Functions by Mario Stevenson 328
Chapter 10
The Interface between the Pathogenesis and Treatment of HIV Infection by Mark B. Feinberg 384
Chapter 11
HIV Prevention: Implementing Proven Prevention Interventions to Control the Global Epidemic by Chris Collins, Todd Summers, and Tom Coates 441
Chapter 12
The Immunobiology of HIV -1 Infection by Norman L. Letvin 459
Chapter 13
HIV Vaccines 2000: Prospects and Challenges by Spyros A. Kalams and Bruce D. Walker 481
Index 511

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File created: 11/11/2014

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