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Korean Endgame:
A Strategy for Reunification and U.S. Disengagement
Selig S. Harrison
With a new afterword by the author

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Foreword ix
Overview: The United States and Korea xiii
PART I: Will North Korea Collapse? 1
Chapter 1: The Paralysis of American Policy 3
Chapter 2: Nationalism and the "Permanent Siege Mentality" 8
Chapter 3: The Confucian Legacy 21
Chapter 4: Reform by Stealth 25
Chapter 5: Gold, Oil, and the Basket-Case Image 48
Chapter 6: Kim Jong Il and His Successors 53
PART II: Reunification: Postponing the Dream 67
Chapter 7: Trading Places 69
Chapter 8: Confederation or Absorption? 74
Chapter 9: The United States and Reunification 102
PART III: Toward U.S. Disengagement 111
Chapter 10: Tripwire 113
Chapter 11: The United States and the Military Balance 124
Chapter 12: New Opportunities for Arms Control 138
Chapter 13: Ending the Korean War 154
Chapter 14: The Tar Baby Syndrome 174
Chapter 15: Guidelines for U.S. Policy 190
PART IV: Toward a Nuclear-Free Korea 195
Chapter 16: The U.S. Nuclear Challenge to North Korea 197
Chapter 17: The North Korean Response 201
Chapter 18: The 1994 Compromise: Can It Survive? 215
Chapter 19: Japan and Nuclear Weapons 231
Chapter 20: South Korea and Nuclear Weapons 245
Chapter 21: Guidelines for U.S. Policy 257
PART V: Korea in Northeast Asia 285
Chapter 22: Will History Repeat Itself? 287
Chapter 23: Korea, Japan, and the United States 290
Chapter 24: Korea, China, and the United States 306
Chapter 25: Korea, Russia, and the United States 328
Chapter 26: Then and Now: The Case for a Neutral Korea 347
Notes to the Chapters 357
Index 393

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File created: 11/11/2014

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