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The Complete Works of W. H. Auden, Volume II:
Prose: 1939-1948
W. H. Auden
Edited by Edward Mendelson

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Preface ix
Acknowledgements xi
Introduction xiii
The Text of This Edition xxxiii
The Public v. the Late Mr William Butler Yeats 3
A Great Democrat 8
Whitman and Arnold 11
Christian on the Left 13
Effective Democracy 15
How Not to Be a Genius 18
Young British Writers--On the Way Up (by W. H. Auden and Christopher Isherwood) 21
Rilke in English 25
Democracy Is Hard 27
The Dyer's Hand 29
Heretics 32
Louis MacNeice 35
Inside China 35
Jacob and the Angel 37
Poet and Politician 39
A Literary Transference 42
The Icon and the Portrait 49
Tradition and Value 51
Against Romanticism 53
The Double Focus: Sandburg's Lincoln 55
Empirics for the Million 57
A Review of How to Read a Book, by Mortimer J.Adler 59
Yeats: Master of Diction 61
Romantic or Free? 63
"What Is Culture?" 72
Poet in Wartime 73
Open Letter to Knut Hamsun 76
Mimesis and Allegory 78
Who Shall Plan the Planners? 88
Criticism in a Mass Society 90
A Note on Order 100
Symposium [on the role of intellectuals in political affairs ]104
Where Are We Now? 104
Tract for the Times 108
The Wandering Jew 110
All about Ida 114
James Joyce and Richard Wagner 115
Yale Daily News Banquet Address 119
A Review of Open House, by Theodore Roethke 125
The Masses Defined 127
Opera on an American Legend 129
The Means of Grace 131
Ambiguous Answers 134
Eros and Agape 137
A Grammar of Assent 141
Last Words 143
La Trahison d'un Clerc 148
W. H. Auden Speaks of Poetry and Total War 152
The Rewards of Patience 153
The Fabian Figaro 158
Lecture Notes [I] 161
Lecture Notes [II] 163
Lecture Notes [III] 165
Lecture Notes [IV] 168
Lecture Notes [V] 170
An Unbiased Biography of Yeats and His World 173
Vocation and Society 175
Auden Calls "Night" Fun but Not Art 183
Purely Subjective 184
The Poet of the Encirclement 198
Introduction to A Selection from the Poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson 203
Student Government-or Bombs? 212
A Preface to Kierkegaard 213
A Knight of the Infinite 218
In Poor Shape 221
Children of Abraham 224
Augustus to Augustine 226
William Shakespeare, in a Wartime Format 231
Beauty Is Everlasting 234
The Giving of Thanks 236
Agee on Films 239
In Praise of the Brothers Grimm 239
Henry James and the Dedicated 242
Foghorn Bellow, Sly Bitchery, Spark Shakespeare's Worst Play 244
Foreword to The Flower of Grass, by Emile Cammaerts 246
Mr Welch 251
A Toast 253
Concerning the Village of Gschaid, and Its Mountain 254
The Day-by-Day Jottings of Piotr Tchaikovsky 256
The Christian Tragic Hero 258
The Guilty Vicarage 261
Introduction to The American Scene, by Henry James 270
K's Quest 282
As Hateful Ares Bids 286
Mozart and the Middlebrow 290
Red Lizards and White Stallions 292
Foreword to Poems, by Joan Murray 295
Address on Henry James 296
Introduction to Slick but Not Streamlined, by John Betjeman 303
Introduction to Intimate Journals, by Charles Baudelaire 307
Old Formulae in a New Light 315
Some Notes on D. H. Lawrence 317
The Essence of Dante 322
The Mythical Sex 325
Foreword to A Beginning, by Robert Horan 332
I Like It Cold 334
Mystic-and Prophet 337
Squares and Oblongs 339
Philosophy with Courage and Imagination 351
Introduction to The Portable Greek Reader 354
The Ironic Hero 377
Yeats as an Example 384
Introduction to Tales of Grimm and Andersen 390
The Poet's Life-and His Work 398
Opera Addict 400
Foreword to The Grasshopper's Man, by Rosalie Moore 403
I "The Prolific and the Devourer" 409
II Auden as Anthologist and Editor 459
III Courses, Syllabi, Examinations, and a Curriculum 464
IV Reported Lectures 481
V Endorsements, a Commissioned Text, and a List 498
VI Auden on the Air 501
VII Lost and Unwritten Work 506
Essays and Reviews, 1939-948 511
Index of Titles, First Lines, and Books Reviewed 553

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File created: 4/21/2017

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