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Reading Rape:
The Rhetoric of Sexual Violence in American Literature and Culture, 1790-1990
Sabine Sielke

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Acknowledgments vii
Introduction:What We Talk about When We Talk about Rape 1
CHAPTER ONE Seduced and Enslaved:Sexual Violence in Antebellum American Literature and Contemporary Feminist Discourse 12
"Rape Crisis "or "Crisis in Sexual Identity"? The Feminist Rhetoric of Rape 13
"Guilty Passions" and" Foul Words": The Powers of Seduction and the Racialization of Sexual Violence 15
The Deployment of Sexual Violence and the" Cult of Secrecy": Historicizing the Feminist Rhetoric of Rape 27
CHAPTER TWO The Rise of the (Black) Rapist and the Reconstruction of Difference; or, "Realist" Rape 33
"Black Claws into Soft White Throat" and Other Bestialities: Rapist Rhetoric, Rivalry, and Homosocial Desire in Thomas Nelson Page's Red Rock, Thomas Dixon's The Clansman, and Frank Norris's McTeague 35
"A Tender Lamb Snatched from the Jaws of a Hungry Wolf": Inversions of Rapist Rhetoric in Frances E. W. Harper's Iola Leroy 50
"The One Crime" and "the Real `One Crime '": Rape, Lynching, and Mimicry in Sutton E.Griggs's The Hindered Hand 54
"A Thing Not to Be Faced": Rape as Robbery in Upton Sinclair's The Jungle 59
"Unconscious Penetration": Manners, Money, and the Primitive Man in Edith Wharton's The House of Mirth 64
"The Kind We Can't Resist": The Lesson of William Vaughn Moody's A Sabine Woman 68
CHAPTER THREE Rape and the Artifice of Representation: Four Modernist Modes 75
"Soiled! Despoiled! Handled! Mauled! Rumpled! Rummaged! Ransacked!": Styles and Hyperboles of Seduction, Rape, and Incest in Djuna Barnes's Ryder 77
"That Little Hot Ball inside You That Screams": Rape's Resistance to Representation, the Resistance to Rape, and the Transgression of Boundaries in William Faulkner's Sanctuary 86
"Not What One Did to Women": Enacting Projections and Constructing the Racial Border in Richard Wright's Native Son 103
Fighting "Forced Relationship": Rape and Manslaughter in Ann Petry's The Street 116
CHAPTER FOUR Voicing Sexual Violence, Repoliticizing Rape: Post-Modernist Narratives of Sexuality and Power 139
"Mankind's Greatest Crime, Man's Inhumanity to Man": Chester Himes's A Case ofRape 145
"Plain Black (Gender) Trouble": Intraracial Rape, Incest, and Other Family Feuds 150
"Phantom Men" and" Zipless Fucks": Rape Fantasies and the Fictions of Female Desire 159
"An Obscene Posture That No One Could Help": Sodomy, Male Anxiety, and the" Crisis of Homo/Heterosexual Definition" in James Dickey's Deliverance 171
AFTERWORD: Challenging Readings of Rape 179
Notes 191
Work Cited and Consulted 211
Primary Texts 211
Secondary Sources 213
Index 233

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File created: 11/11/2014

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