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Religions of Asia in Practice:
An Anthology
Edited by Donald S. Lopez Jr.

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Princeton Readings in Religion v
Contributors xi
Religions of India in Practice
Introduction: A Brief History of Religions in India by Richard H. Davis 3
1.Bengali Songs to Kali by Rachel Fell McDermott 51
2.Women's Celebration of Muhammad's Birth by Marcia Hermansen 73
3.Encountering the Smallpox Goddess: The Auspicious Song of Sitala by Tony K. Stewart 79
4.Jain Stories Inspiring Renunciation by Phyllis Granoff 88
5.Mother Ten's Stories by Ann Grodzins Gold 94
6.The Life of Guru Nanak by Hew McLeod 109
7.Ascetic Withdrawal or Social Engagement by Patrick Olivelle 122
8.The Exemplary Devotion of the "Servant of Hari" by Tony K. Stewart 136
9.The Origin of Linga Worship by Richard H. Davis 150
Buddhism in Practice
Introduction by Donald S. Lopez, Jr. 165
10.Consecrating the Buddha by Donald K. Swearer 197
11.Sutra on the Merit of Bathing the Buddha by Daniel Boucher 206
12.The Whole Universe as a Sutra by Luis O. Gómez 216
13.The Book of Resolving Doubts Concerning the Semblance Dharma by Kyoko Tokuno 222
14.Auspicious Things by Charles Hallisey 237
15.Daily Life in the Assembly by T. Griffith Foulk 252
16.Awakening Stories of Zen Buddhist Women by Sallie B. King 270
17.Death-Bed Testimonials of the Pure Land Faithful by Daniel B. Stevenson 282
Religions of China in Practice
Introduction: The Spirits of Chinese Religion by Stephen F. Teiser 295
18.Laozi: Ancient Philosopher, Master of Immortality, and God by Livia Kohn 330
19.The Lives and Teachings of the Divine Lord of Zitong by Terry F. Kleeman 342
20.A Sutra Promoting the White-robed Guanyin as Giver of Sons by Chün-fang Yü 350
21.Body Gods and Inner Vision: The Scripture of the Yellow Court by Paul W. Kroll 359
22.Teachings of a Spirit Medium by Jean DeBernardi 366
23.Spellbinding by Donald Harper 376
24.Record of the Feng and Shan Sacrifices by Stephen Bokenkamp 386
25.The Law of the Spirits by Valerie Hansen 396
26.Shrines to Local Former Worthies by Ellen Neskar 405
27.The Scripture in Forty-two Sections by Robert H. Sharf 418
28.The Scripture on Perfect Wisdom for Humane Kings Who Wish to Protect Their States by Charles Orzech 430
29.Stories from an Illustrated Explanation of the Tract of the Most Exalted on Action and Response by Catherine Bell 439
Religions of Tibet in Practice
Introduction by Donald S. Lopez, Jr. 451
30.The Royal Way of Supreme Compassion by Matthew Kapstein 482
31.Guidebook to Lapchi by Toni Huber 490
32.The Yogin Lorepa's Retreat at Lake Namtso by Nalanda Translation Committee 505
33.A Fasting Ritual by Roger Jackson 517
34.The Regulations of a Monastery by José Ignacio Cabezón 539
35.A Prayer for Deliverance from Rebirth by Donald S. Lopez, Jr. 556
36.Turning Back Gossip by Matthew Kapstein 572
37.A Prayer Flag for Tara by Donald S. Lopez, Jr. 583
Religions of Japan in Practice
Introduction by George J. Tanabe, Jr. 591
38.Kaibara Ekken's Precepts on the Family by Mary Evelyn Tucker 613
39.A Refutation of Clerical Marriage by Richard Jaffe 629
40.The Contemplation of Suchness by Jacqueline I. Stone 638
41.Chido's Dreams of Buddhism by William M. Bodiford 649
42.The Confucian Monarchy of Nara Japan by Charles Holcombe 660
43.Nationalistic Shinto: A Child's Guide to Yasukuni Shrine by Richard Gardner 666
44.The Founding of Mount Koya and Kukai's Eternal Meditation by George J. Tanabe, Jr. 672
45.Motoori Norinaga on the Two Shrines at Ise by Mark Teeuwen 678
46.Sasaki Shoten: Toward a Postmodern Shinshu Theology by Jan Van Bragt 694
47.Contemporary Zen Buddhist Tracts for the Laity: Grassroots Buddhism in Japan by Ian Reader 713
Index 725

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File created: 4/21/2017

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