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Modern Architecture and Other Essays
Vincent Scully
Selected and with introductions by Neil Levine

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Acknowledgments 6
Introduction 8
Vincent Scully: A Bibliographical Sketch 12
Chapter 1: American Villas: Inventiveness in the American Suburb from Downing to Wright 34
Chapter 2: Wright vs. International Style 64
Chapter 3: Archetype and Order in Recent American Architecture 64
Chapter 4: Modern Architecture: Toward a Redefinition of Style 74
Chapter 5: The Nature of the Classical in Art 88
Chapter 6: Frank Lloyd Wright and Twentieth[Century Style 106
Chapter 7: The Death of the Street 120
Chapter 8: Doldrums in the Suburbs 128
Chapter 9: RIBA Discourse 1969: A Search for Principle between Two Wars 142
Chapter 10: Where is Modern Architecture Going? 158
Chapter 11: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Stuff of Dreams 170
Chapter 12: Architecture, Sculpture, and painting: Environment, Act, and Illusion 198
Chapter 13: Le Corbusier, 1922[1965 236
Chapter 14: Introduction to The Lois I. Kahn Archive: Personal Drawings 250
Chapter 15: Robert Venturi's Gentle Architecture 260
Chapter 16: Architecture: The Natural and the Mammade 282
Chapter 17: Louis I. Kahn and the Ruins of Rome 298
Chapter 18: Everybody Needs Everything 320
Chapter 19: The Architecture of Community 340
Chapter 20: America at the Millennium: Architecture and Community 358
Bibliography of Vincent Scully's Writings 368
Index 384
Text and Photography Credits 398

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File created: 4/21/2017

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