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Life Exposed:
Biological Citizens after Chernobyl
Adriana Petryna

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List of Figures and Tables xi
Acknowledgments xiii
Note on Transliteration xvii
Chapter 1: Life Politics after Chernobyl 1
Time Lapse 1
A Technogenic Catastrophe 9
Nation Building 20
Experimental Systems 25
Docta Ignorantia 27
The Unstoppable Course of Radiation Illness 32
Chapter 2: Technical Error: Measures of Life and Risk 34
A Foreign Burden 34
Saturated Grid 36
Institute of Biophysics, Moscow 39
Soviet-American Cooperation 41
Safe Living Politics 49
Life Sciences 55
Risk In Vivo 59
Chapter 3: Chernobyl in Historical Light 63
How to Remember Then 64
New City of Bila-Skala 66
Vitalii 67
Contracts of Truth 69
Oksana 70
Anna 72
Requiem for Storytelling 76
Chapter 4: Illness as Work: Human Market Transition 82
City of Sufferers 82
Capitalist Transition 92
Nothing to Buy and Nothing to Sell 94
Medical-Labor Committees 102
Disability Claims 107
Illness for Life113
Chapter 5: Biological Citizenship 115
Remediation Models 115
Normalizing Catastrophe119
Suffering and Medical Signs 121
Domestic Neurology 126
Disability Groups 130
Law, Medicine, and Corruption 138
Material Basis of Health 143
Chapter 6: Local Science and Organic Processes 149
Social Rebuilding 149
Radiation Research 151
Between the Lesional and the Psychosocial 156
New Sociality 165
Doctor-Patient Relations 174
No One Is Hiding Anything Anymore 176
In the Middle of the Experiment 181
Chapter 7: Self and Social Identity in Transition 191
Anton and Halia 191
Beyond the Family: Kvartyra and Public Voice 194
Medicalized Selves 201
Everyday Violence 206
Lifetime 212
Chapter 8: Conclusion 215
Notes 221
Bibliography 239
Index 253

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File created: 4/21/2017

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