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Raiding the Land of the Foreigners:
The Limits of the Nation on an Indonesian Frontier
Danilyn Rutherford

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List of Illustrations ix
A Note On Languages and Locations xi
PREFACE: Becoming a Foreigner xiii
CHAPTER ONE: On the Limits of Indonesia 1
The Nation 4
The Foreign 13
Fetishism 19
Utopia 24
Envoi: Between Awakenings 29
CHAPTER TWO: Frontier Families 31
The Dislocation of Kinship 34
Front Doors, Back Doors 40
Mothers and Children 43
Brothers and Sisters 49
Interlude on Love, Violence, and Debt 62
Brothers and Brothers 65
History Revisited 70
CHAPTER THREE: The Poetics of Surprise 73
The Unpredictable Potency of Biak Warriors 76
Magical Feasts for Fish 80
Vocal Feasts for Families 90
Visual Feasts for Foreigners 99
Surprise and Subversion 105
CHAPTER FOUR: The Authority of Absence 109
Authority and Textuality 111
The Making of Big Foreigners 115
The Meanings of Reading 120
Collapsing Distances 134
CHAPTER FIVE: Messianic Modernities 137
Modernity and the "Indonesianization" of Indonesia 140
Mythical Limits 146
Two Tales of Conversion 150
Beyond Comparison 169
CHAPTER SIX: The Subjection of the Papuan 172
Colonial Contexts 177
Pacifying New Guinea 181
The Revival of Wor I 188
Rupture and Renewal 201
CHAPTER SEVEN: The Subject of Biak? 204
The Revival of Wor II 211
Raiding Jakarta 218
Waiting for the End 226
EPILOGUE: On Limits 229
Watching Television with Sister Sally 234
Notes 239
Glossary 263
References 265
Index 289

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File created: 4/21/2017

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