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The Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife:
Birds and Marine Mammals of the Antarctic Continent and the Southern Ocean
Hadoram Shirihai
Illustrated by Brett Jarrett

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List of colour plates 6
Preface 7
Referees for this book 7
Acknowledgements 8
Background to the research work 10
Layout of the Book 11
The Maps 12
Abbreviations 12
Synopsis of the region 13
The Antarctic and Subantarctic Environments: The Southern Ocean 13
Geological History 18
Geography and Climate 20
Sea Environment 25
Habitats and vegetation 29
Avifauna 30
Marine Mammals 33
Conservation in the Region 36
Checklist of Birds and Marine Mammals of Antarctica and the Southern Ocean 40
History of Antarctic Exploration 46
Bird and marine mammal topography 53
Species Accounts
Penguins 54
Great albatrosses 86
Small and medium albatrosses 107
Sooty albatrosses, giant petrels and distinct petrels 129
Gadfly petrels 143
Procellaria petrels and shearwaters 158
Blue Petrel and prions 173
Storm-petrels and diving-petrels 184
Cormorants and shags of the Southern Ocean 192
Gannets 207
Large skuas 210
Stercorarius skuas 218
Gulls and terns 223
Endemic and indigenous species of Subantarctic islands in the S Indian and S Atlantic Oceans and the Falklands 237
Endemic and indigenous non-passerines of New Zealand's Subantarctic islands 271
Endemic and indigenous passerines of New Zealand's subantarctic islands 281
Endemic and indigenous passerines of New Zealand's subantarctic islands 287
Marine Mammals
Seals 294
Cetaceans 315
Regional descriptions (with tables of breeding species)
Subantarctic islands off South America (and Checklist of Falkland Islands birds) 369
South Shetland Islands, Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea 388
South Atlantic Islands 405
Subantarctic islands in the Indian Ocean 416
Subantarctic islands south of New Zealand 434
The Ross Sea 461
East Antarctica 470
Peter I Øy 475
Other Regions and Islands 476
Islands off southern Chile and southern Argentina 476
Tasmania Group 478
Gateways to the Antarctic: pelagic and other birds and marine mammals in southern South America, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand 480
Ushuaia, the Beagle Channel and sea area south of Tierra del Fuego 480
Seabird and whale viewing off South Africa 482
Observing Southern Ocean seabirds and cetaceans off Australia 484
Seabird and sea mammal viewing around New Zealand 486
Bibliography 490
Appendix 495
Organizations and Contacts in the Region 495
About the authors 496
Index 497

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File created: 4/21/2017

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