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Tundra Plovers:
The Eurasian, Pacific and American Golden Plovers and Grey Plover
Ingvar Byrkjedal & Des Thompson

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List of plates ix
List of figures xiii
List of tables xvii
Foreword by Dr Derek Ratcliffe xix
Preface xxiii
Acknowledgements xxix
1. The tundra plovers: an introduction 1
2. Tundra plovers and their allies 34
3. Taxonomy and geographical variation 44
4. Plumages and moults 61
5. Phylogeny and biogeography 89
6. Breeding distribution, population trends and status 102
7. Breeding season: breeding schedules and nesting 125
8. Breeding season: social behaviour 155
9. Breeding season: sex roles and parental behaviour 183
10. Migration and non-breeding distributions 207
11. Behaviour and ecology in the non-breeding season 241
12. Diet: food and feeding 258
13. Associations with other birds 272
14. Conservation 278
Appendix 1: Scientific names of birds and mammals mentioned in the book 291
Appendix 2: Plumage variation in Eurasian Golden Plovers in Norway 295
Appendix 3: Descriptions of plumages of the tundra plovers 299
Appendix 4: The phylogeny of the tundra plovers (by Godtfred A. Halvorsen, Ingvar Byrkjedal &D.B.A. Thompson) 308
Appendix 5: Breeding densities in different parts of the world 328
Appendix 6a: Nest site habitats of Grey Plover 330
Appendix 6b: Nest site habitats ofEurasian Golden Plover 331
Appendix 6c: Nest site habitats of Pacific Golden Plover 333
Appendix 6d: Nest site habitats ofAmerican Golden Plover 334
Appendix 7. Duration of incubation 336
Appendix 8: Sequences of tonal element in trills 337
Appendix 9. Breeding season alarm calls 338
Appendix 10: Geographical and temporal distribution of museum specimens used in the construction of migration routes and phenologies 345
Appendix 11: Geographical distribution of references used for the migration charts and winter distribution maps 353
Appendix 12: Numbers of Grey Plovers counted or estimated in various parts of their wintering range 355
Appendix 13: Winter populations of Eurasian Golden Plovers in parts of their range 357
Appendix 14: Numbers of American Golden Plovers counted in winter on aerial surveys along the coasts of South America 358
References 359
Tables 398
Index 412

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File created: 4/27/2015

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