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Tundra Plovers:
The Eurasian, Pacific and American Golden Plovers and Grey Plover
Ingvar Byrkjedal & Des Thompson

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List of plates ix
List of figures xiii
List of tables xvii
Foreword by Dr Derek Ratcliffe xix
Preface xxiii
Acknowledgements xxix
1.The tundra plovers: an introduction 1
2.Tundra plovers and their allies 34
3.Taxonomy and geographical variation 44
4.Plumages and moults 61
5.Phylogeny and biogeography 89
6.Breeding distribution, population trends and status 102
7.Breeding season: breeding schedules and nesting 125
8.Breeding season: social behaviour 155
9.Breeding season: sex roles and parental behaviour 183
10.Migration and non-breeding distributions 207
11.Behaviour and ecology in the non-breeding season 241
12.Diet: food and feeding 258
13.Associations with other birds 272
14.Conservation 278
Appendix 1: Scientific names of birds and mammals mentioned in the book 291
Appendix 2: Plumage variation in Eurasian Golden Plovers in Norway 295
Appendix 3: Descriptions of plumages of the tundra plovers 299
Appendix 4: The phylogeny of the tundra plovers (by Godtfred A. Halvorsen, Ingvar Byrkjedal & D.B.A. Thompson) 308
Appendix 5: Breeding densities in different parts of the world 328
Appendix 6a: Nest site habitats of Grey Plover 330
Appendix 6b: Nest site habitats ofEurasian Golden Plover 331
Appendix 6c: Nest site habitats of Pacific Golden Plover 333
Appendix 6d: Nest site habitats ofAmerican Golden Plover 334
Appendix 7. Duration of incubation 336
Appendix 8: Sequences of tonal element in trills 337
Appendix 9. Breeding season alarm calls 338
Appendix 10: Geographical and temporal distribution of museum specimens used in the construction of migration routes and phenologies 345
Appendix 11: Geographical distribution of references used for the migration charts and winter distribution maps 353
Appendix 12: Numbers of Grey Plovers counted or estimated in various parts of their wintering range 355
Appendix 13: Winter populations of Eurasian Golden Plovers in parts of their range 357
Appendix 14: Numbers of American Golden Plovers counted in winter on aerial surveys along the coasts of South America 358
References 359
Tables 398
Index 412

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File created: 4/21/2017

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