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Cuckoos, Cowbirds and other Cheats
N. B. Davies

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Acknowledgements ix
1. A monstrous outrage on maternal affection 1
2. One hundred brood parasites and some puzzles 11
3. The Common Cuckoo and its hosts 26
4. Co-evolution of host defences and Common Cuckoo trickery 43
5. How to spot a cuckoo egg 59
6. Driving parents cuckoo 70
7. Bronze-cuckoos in Africa and Australia 82
8. The non-evicting cuckoos: manipulative nestlings and Mafia tactics 98
9. Cuckoos versus hosts: who wins? 117
10. The Brown-headed Cowbird and its conquest of North America 141
11. Old and new hosts of the Brown-headed Cowbird and conservation problems 159
12. 'Shot-gun' Shiny and specialist Screaming Cowbirds, with cowbirds and cuckoos compared 177
13. The parasitic finches of Africa: mimicry of host chicks and host songs 194
14. Cheating on your own kind 211
15. Origins 241
Notes on the chapters 257
Appendix 1: The one hundred species of brood parasitic birds 263
Appendix 2: Scientific names of birds and other animals mentioned in the text 271
References 276
Index 299
Other books in the series 311
The colour plate section can be found between pages 150 and 151.

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File created: 4/21/2017

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