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The California Condor:
A Saga of Natural History and Conservation
Noel Snyder & Helen Snyder

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About the Authors V1
Photo Credits V11
Dedication XI
Prologue X111
Part I: Historical and Background Matters
Chapter 1: Some Perspectives on Basic Condor Biology 2
Chapter 2: California Condors in Prehistoric, Historic, and Modern Human Cultures 30
Chapter 3: Condor Research and Conservation in the Early-Mid 20th Century 49
Part II: Struggles to Launch a New Program
Chapter 4: Battles in the Political Arena 90
Chapter 5: Africa and Peru 102
Chapter 6: Development and Testing of Research Techniques 115
Part III Research Results of the New Program
Chapter 7: Censuring 128
Chapter 8: Movements and Food 139
Chapter 9: Nest Sites 159
Chapter 10: Breeding Behavior 176
Chapter 11: Breeding Effort and Success 213
Chapter 12: Mortality 232
Part IV: Conservation in the 1980s
Chapter 13: Field Conservation and Habitat Preservation 264
Chapter 14: Formation of a Captive Flock 278
Chapter 15: The Audubon Lawsuit and the Valentine's Day Docufesto 307
Part V: Restoration
Chapter 16: Captive Breeding 316
Chapter 17: Releases to the Wild 339
Part VI: A General Evaluation
Chapter 18: Overview 366
Epilogue 391
Acknowledgments 393
Bibliography 396
Index 404

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File created: 4/21/2017

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