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The Hungarians:
A Thousand Years of Victory in Defeat
Paul Lendvai
Translated by Ann Major

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Foreword to the English Edition page xi
Introduction 1
1."Heathen Barbarians" overrun Europe: Evidence from St Gallen 7
2.Land Acquisition or Conquest? The Question of Hungarian Identity 12
3.From Magyar Mayhem to the Christian Kingdom of the Árpáds 27
4.The Struggle for Continuity and Freedom 38
5.The Mongol Invasion of 1241 and its Consequences 49
6.Hungary's Rise to Great Power Status under Foreign Kings 62
7.The Heroic Age of the Hunyadis and the Turkish Danger 75
8.The Long Road to the Catastrophe of Mohács 86
9.The Disaster of Ottoman Rule 94
10.Transylvania-the Stronghold of Hungarian Sovereignty 106
11.Gábor Bethlen-Vassal, Patriot and European 114
12.Zrinyi or Zrinski? One Hero for Two Nations 126
13.The Kuruc Leader Thököly: Adventurer or Traitor? 137
14.Ferenc Rákóczi's Fight for Freedom from the Habsburgs 145
15.Myth and Historiography: an Idol through the Ages 155
16.Hungary in the Habsburg Shadow 160
17.The Fight Against the "Hatted King" 177
18.Abbot Martinovics and the Jacobin Plot 183
19.Count István Széchenyi and the "Reform Era": the "Greatest Hungarian" 191
20.Lajos Kossuth and Sándor Petöfi: Symbols of 1848 206
21.Victories, Defeat and Collapse: the Lost War of Independence, 1849 222
22.Kossuth the Hero versus "Judas" Görgey: "Good" and "Bad" in Sacrificial Mythology 242
23.Who was Captain Gusev? Russian "Freedom Fighters" between Minsk and Budapest 260
24.Elisabeth, Andrássy and Bismarck: Austria and Hungary on the Road to Reconciliation 266
25.Victory in Defeat: the Compromise and the Consequences of Dualism 281
26.Total Blindness: The Hungarian Sense of Mission and the Nationalities 299
27.The "Golden Age" of the Millennium: Modernization with Drawbacks 310
28."Magyar Jew or Jewish Magyar?" A Unique Symbiosis 329
29."Will Hungary be German or Magyar?" The Germans' Peculiar Role 348
30.From the Great War to the "Dictatorship of Despair": the Red Count and Lenin's Agent 356
31.The Admiral on a White Horse: Trianon and the Death Knell of St Stephen's Realm 373
32.Adventurers, Counterfeiters, Claimants to the Throne: Hungary as Troublemaker in the Danube Basin 389
33.Marching in Step with Hitler: Triumph and Fall. From the Persecution of Jews to Mob Rule 406
34.Victory in Defeat: 1945-1990 427
35."Everyone is a Hungarian": Geniuses and Artists 466
Summing-up 504
Notes 508
Chronology of Significant Events in Hungarian History 533
Index 557

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File created: 4/21/2017

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