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Raptors of Western North America:
The Wheeler Guides
Brian K. Wheeler

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Forward by (i>Clayton M. White ix
Preface xi
Acknowledgments xiii
Abbreviations xv
Chapter I Introduction 1
Key to Maps 9
Chapter II Genral Glossary 10
Chapter III Anatomy and Feather Glossary 15
Chapter IV Plumage, Molt, and Age Glossary 20
Chapter V Flying and Perching Displays Glossary 24
Chapter VI Perching and Flying Attitudes 28
Chapter VII Photography 33
"Raptor Music" a poem by Steve Millard 35
Black Vulture 39
Turkey Vulture 46
California Condor 57
Osprey 68
Hook-billed Kite 77
Swallow-tailed Kite 86
White-tailed Kite 93
Mississippi Kite 102
Bald Eagle 120
Northern Harrier 147
Sharp-shinned Hawk 160
Cooper's Hawk 179
Northern Goshawk 191
Common Black-Hawk 210
Harris's Hawk 217
Gray Hawk 224
Red-shouldered Hawk 231
Broad-winged Hawk 245
Short-tailed Hawk 259
Swainson's Hawk 268
White-tailed Hawk 295
Zone-tailed Hawk 308 Red-tailed Hawk 318
Ferruginous Hawk 367
Rough-legged Hawk 367
Golden Eagle 408
Crested Eagle 422
American Kestrel 428
Merlin 437
Aplomado Falcon 456
Peregrine Falcon 465
Gyrfalcon 501
Prairie Falcon 516
Bibliography 527
Index 543

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File created: 4/21/2017

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