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Knowledge, Information, and Expectations in Modern Macroeconomics:
In Honor of Edmund S. Phelps
Edited by Philippe Aghion, Roman Frydman, Joseph Stiglitz, & Michael Woodford

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Introduction by Paul A. Samuelson [PDF only] |
Introduction by P. Aghion, R. Frydman, J. Stiglitz, and M. Woodford [PDF only]


Contributors ix
Edmund Phelps, Insider-Economists' Insider, Paul A. Samuelson 1
Edmund S. Phelps and Modern Macroeconomics, Philippe Aghion, Roman Frydman, Joseph Stiglitz, and Michael Woodford 3

PART I Information, Wage-Price Dynamics, and Business Fluctuations
1 Imperfect Common Knowledge and the Effects of Monetary Policy, Michael Woodford 25
2 Comments on Woodford, Lars E. O. Svensson 59
3 Sticky Information: A Model of Monetary Nonneutrality and Structural Slumps, N. Gregory Mankiw and Ricardo Reis 64
4 A Theory of Rational Inflationary Inertia, Guillermo A. Calvo, Oya Celasun, and Michael Kumhof 87
5 Comments on Calvo, Celasun, and Kumhof, Mark Gertler 118
6 Macroeconomic Fluctuations in an Economy of Phelps-Winter Markets, Bruce Greenwald and Joseph Stiglitz 123
7 General Comments on Part I, Robert E. Lucas, Jr. 137

PART II Imperfect Knowledge, Expectations, and Rationality
8 Imperfect Knowledge Expectations, Uncertainty-Adjusted Uncovered Interest Rate Parity, and Exchange Rate Dynamics, Roman Frydman and Michael D. Goldberg 145
9 Comments on Frydman and Goldberg, David H. Papell 183
10 Endogenous Fluctuations and the Role of Monetary Policy, Mordecai Kurz with Hehui Jin and Maurizio Motolese 188
11 A Debt Puzzle, David Laibson, Andrea Repetto, and Jeremy Tobacman 228
12 Comments on Laibson, Repetto, and Tobacman, Robert A. Pollak 267
13 Reflections on Parts I and II, Edmund S. Phelps 271

PART III Determinants of Equilibrium Unemployment
14 How Monopsonistic Is the (Danish) Labor Market? Dale T. Mortensen 285
15 Company Start-Up Costs and Employment, Christopher A. Pissarides 309
16 European Unemployment: From a Worker's Perspective, Lars Ljungqvist and Thomas J. Sargent 326
17 Comments on Ljungqvist and Sargent, Olivier J. Blanchard 351
18 Flexibility and Job Creation: Lessons for Germany, James J. Heckman 357
19 The Beveridge Curve, Unemployment, and Wages in the OECD from the 1960s to the 1990s, Stephen Nickell, Luca Nunziata, Wolfgang Ochel, and Glenda Quintini 394
20 Comments on Nickell, Nunziata, Ochel, and Quintini, Jean-Paul Fitoussi 432

PART IV Education, Technical Change, and Growth
21 Wage Inequality and Technological Change: A Nelson-Phelps Approach, Philippe Aghion, Peter Howitt, and Gianluca Violante 443
22 Comments on Aghion, Howitt, and Violante, Robert E. Hall 462
23 Factor Prices and Technical Change: From Induced Innovations to Recent Debates, Daron Acemoglu 464
24 Comments on Acemoglu, Nancy L. Stokey 492
25 Population and Ideas: A Theory of Endogenous Growth, Charles I. Jones 498
26 Another View of Investment: 40 Years Later, Jess Benhabib and Bart Hobijn 522
27 General Comments on Part IV, Robert M. Solow 546
28 Reflections on Parts III and IV, Edmund S. Phelps 550

Index 565

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File created: 4/21/2017

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