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Distant Proximities:
Dynamics beyond Globalization
James N. Rosenau

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List of Figures and Tables ix
Preface xi
Acknowledgments xv
Part One
Theoretical Perspectives: Recasting Global Life 1
Chapter One
An Emergent Epoch 3
Chapter Two
People, Collectivities, and Change 18
Chapter Three
Sources and Consequences of Fragmegration 50
Chapter Four
Local Worlds 79
Chapter Five
Global Worlds 118
Chapter Six
Private Worlds 153
Chapter Seven
Movement among Twelve Worlds 170
Chapter Eight
Emergent Spaces, New Places, and Old Faces: Immigrants and the Proliferation of Identities 184
Part Two
Conceptual Equipment: Retooling the Storehouse 203
Chapter Nine
Normative and Complexity Approaches 205
Chapter Ten
The Skill Revolution 232
Chapter Eleven
The Information Revolution: Both Powerful and Neutral 256
Chapter Twelve
Structures of Authority: In Crisis or in Place? 273
Chapter Thirteen
Spheres of Authority 293
Part Three
Issues, Processes, and Structures as Distant Proximities 315
Chapter Fourteen
Progress toward Human Rights 317
Chapter Fifteen
Retreat from Human Rights: The Challenge of Systemic Hatred 336
Chapter Sixteen
Corruption as a Global Issue 348
Chapter Seventeen
Prosperity and Poverty 369
Chapter Eighteen
Governance in Fragmegrative Space 390
Part Four
Postscript 403
Chapter Nineteen
A Transformed Observer in a Transforming World: Confessions of a Pre-Postmodernist 405
Author Index 421
Subject Index 427

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File created: 4/21/2017

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