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In the Shadow of the Virgin:
Inquisitors, Friars, and Conversos in Guadalupe, Spain
Gretchen D. Starr-LeBeau

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Maps and Illustrations vii
Acknowledgments ix
Introduction 1

Chapter One: Before the Inquisition: Guadalupe, The Virgin, and the Order of Saint Jerome 12
The Landscape and the Virgin 12
The Jeronymites 18
The Expansion of Guadalupe's Economic and Spiritual Authority 30
Anti-Jeronymite and Anticonverso Violence in the Mid-Fifteenth Century 41

Chapter Two: Living in the Shadow of the Virgin 50
Sabbath and Sunday Observances 53
Christian and Jewish Dietary Regulations 66
Life Rituals: Birth, Marriage, and Death 71
The Acts of Community Life: Holidays, Festivals, and Processions 81

Chapter Three: Conversos in Christian and Jewish Societies 90
Converso Connections to Jews 91
Links between New and Old Christians 94
Perceptions of Assimilation 99
Attempts to Slow Assimilation into Christian Society 102

Chapter Four: Political Conflicts, Social Upheaval, and Religious Divisions: The Origins of the Guadalupense Inquisition 111
The Jeronymites and the Establishment of the Spanish Inquisition 112
The Ecclesiastical Inquisition in Guadalupe in 1462 117
Prior Diego de Par´?s and Changing Conditions in Guadalupe 121
Converso Functionaries and Resistance to the Friars' Overlordship 124
Fray Fernando de Ubeda, Converso Traperos, and the Misuse of Power 136
The Prior's Election of 1483 141

Chapter Five: The Inquisitors' Gaze 145
The Holy Office in Guadalupe 146
The Trials 152
Rendering a Verdict 166
The Autos de Fe 174

Chapter Six: Strategies of the Accused 180
The Trajectory of Resistance 180
Confronting Family and Friends 187
Tactics of Desperation 195

Chapter Seven: Investigating the Friars 200
Jeronymite Spirituality in Guadalupe 202
Conversos in Guadalupe and the Order of Saint Jerome 203
An Internal Inquisition 206
New and Old Proconverso Friars 218

Chapter Eight: Guadalupe after the Inquisition: Envisioning the Early Modern State in Guadalupe 224
Guadalupe after the Inquisition 225
Expulsion from Guadalupe 237
The Hegemony of the Friars 240
Guadalupe and the Sacrality of the Early Modern Spanish State 251
Conclusion 259

Appendix: The Trial of Juana Gonz´alez, Wife of Lope de Herrera 263
Index 277

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File created: 4/21/2017

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