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Population Ecology:
First Principles
John H. Vandermeer & Deborah E. Goldberg

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Chapter 1 [in PDF format]


List of Figures xi
List of Tables xvii
Preface xix
CHAPTER 1: Elementary Population Dynamics 1
Density Independence: The Exponential Equation 3
Density Dependence: Intraspecific Competition 10
The Logistic Equation 14
The Yield-Density Relationship 21
Density Dependence and Mortality: Thinning Laws 26
CHAPTER 2: Life History Analysis 35
Investment in Survivorship versus Reproduction: The r, K Continuum 37
Cost of Reproduction 41
Optimal Reproductive Schedules 44
CHAPTER 3: Projection Matrices: Structured Models 51
Elementary Population Projection Matrices 52
Non-age Structure: Stage Projection Matrices 62
Eigenvectors, Reproductive Value, Sensitivity, and Elasticity 69
Applications of Population Projection Matrices 73
The Dall's Mountain Sheep: A Static Life Table 74
Palo de Mayo: A Dynamic Life Table 75
The American Beech: Testing Hypotheses with Dynamic Life Tables 77
Density Dependence in Structured Populations 80
Density Dependence in a Simple Age-Structured Model 81
Density Dependence in Size-Distributed Populations 84
Density Dependence in a Stage-Structured Model 92
Appendix A. Basic Matrix Manipulations 94
CHAPTER 4: A Closer Look at the "Dynamics" in Population Dynamics 101
Intuitive Ideas of Equilibrium and Stability 103
Eigenvalues: A Key Concept in Dynamic Analysis 114
Basic Concepts of Equilibrium and Stability in One-Dimensional Maps 120
The One-Dimensional Map 121
Stability and Equilibrium in the Logistic Map 130
Basins of Attraction in the Logistic Map 133
Structural Stability 135
Bifurcation Diagrams 142
Concluding Remarks 149
CHAPTER 5: Patterns in Space and Metapopulations 155
The Poisson Distribution 158
The Question of Scale 163
Metapopulations 167
Assumptions of Metapopulation Models 171
The Rescue Effect and Propagule Rain 173
CHAPTER 6: Predator-Prey (Consumer-Resource) Interactions 177
Predator-Prey Interactions: First Principles 179
Density Dependence 185
Functional Response 186
Functional Response and Density Dependence Together 193
Paradoxes in Applications of Predator-Prey Theory 195
Predator-Prey Dynamics: A Graphical Approach 198
Predator-Prey Interactions in Discrete Time 205
CHAPTER 7: Epidemiology 209
Direct Disease Transmission 210
Indirect Disease Transmission 217
CHAPTER 8: Competition and a Little Bit of Mutualism 221
Competition: First Principles 222
The Competitive Production Principle: Applications of Competition Theory to Agriculture 234
Mutualism 235
Competition: The Details 240
CHAPTER 9: What This Book Was About 255
Glossary 261
References 265
Index 273

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File created: 4/21/2017

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