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The Collected Essays of Milton Babbitt
Milton Babbitt
Edited by Stephen Peles, with Stephen Dembski, Andrew Mead, and Joseph N. Straus

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Acknowledgments vii
Preface ix
The String Quartets of Bartók (1949) 1
Review of Leibowitz, Schoenberg et son école (1950) 10
Review of Le Système
Dodécaphonique (1950) 16
Review of Salzer, Structural Hearing (1952) 22
Tintinnabulation of the Crochets (Review of Halsey Stevens, The Life and Music of Bartók) (1953) 31
Musical America's Several Generations (1954) 34
Some Aspects of Twelve-Tone Composition (1955) 38
The Composer as Specialist (1958) 48
Twelve-Tone Invariants as Compositional Determinants (1960) 55
The Revolution in Sound: Electronic Music (1960) 70
Past and Present Concepts of the Nature and Limits of Music (1961) 78
Set Structure as a Compositional Determinant (1961) 86
Twelve-Tone Rhythmic Structure and the Electronic Medium (1962) 109
Reply to George Perle's "Babbitt, Lewin, and Schoenberg: A Critique" (1963) 141
Remarks on the Recent Stravinsky (1964) 147
The Synthesis, Perception, and Specification of Musical Time (1964) 172
An Introduction to the R.C.A. Synthesizer (1964) 178
The Structure and Function of Musical Theory (1965) 191
The Uses of Computers in Musicological Research (1965) 202
Edgard Varèse: A Few Observations of His Music (1966) 213
Three Essays on Schoenberg (1968) 222
On Relata I (1970) 237
Contribution to "The Composer in Academia: Reflections on a Theme of Stravinsky" (1970) 259
Memorial for Mátyás Seiber (1970) 263
Stravinsky Memorial (1971) 264
Contemporary Musical Composition and Musical Theory as Contemporary Intellectual History (1972) 270
Memorial for Stefan Wolpe (1972) 308
Since Schoenberg (1974) 310
Celebrative Speech for the Schoenberg Centennial (1976) 335
Responses: A First Approximation (1976) 341
Introduction to Marion Bauer, Twentieth Century Music (1978) 367
Foreword to David Epstein, Beyond Orpheus (1979) 371
Memorial for Ben Weber (1979) 377
Memorial for Robert Miller (1981) 380
The More than the Sounds of Music (1984) 383
I Remember Roger (1985) 388
"All the Things They Are": Comments on Kern (1985) 395
Memorial for Hans Keller (1986) 399
Stravinsky's Verticals and Schoenberg's Diagonal: A Twist of Fate (1987) 404
On Having Been and Still Being an American Composer (1989) 428
A Life of Learning (1991) 437
Brave New Worlds (1994) 459
My Vienna Triangle (1999) 466
Index 489

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