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Governance in a Global Economy:
Political Authority in Transition
Edited by Miles Kahler & David A. Lake

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List of Contributors vii
Acknowledgments xiii
Chapter 1: Globalization and Governance by Miles Kahler and David A. Lake 1

Part 1. Globalization and Changing Locations of Governance

Chapter 2: The Leverage of Economic Theories: Explaining Governance in an Internationalized Industry by Lisa L. Martin 33
Chapter 3: Political Integration and Disintegration in the Global Economy by Michael J. Hiscox 60
Chapter 4: Globalization and Fiscal Decentralization by Geoffrey Garrett and Jonathan Rodden 87
Chapter 5: Globalization and Demands for Regional Autonomy in Europe by Pieter Van Houten 110
Chapter 6: Monetary Governance in a World of Regional Currencies by Benjamin J. Cohen 136
Chapter 7: Governing Global Financial Markets: International Responses to the Hedge-Fund Problem by Barry Eichengreen 168
Chapter 8: Public and Private Governance in Setting International Standards by Walter Mattli 199
Chapter 9: Globalization and Industry Self-Regulation by Virginia Haufler 226

Part 2. Convergence in National Governance

Chapter 10: International Capital Mobility and National Policy Divergence by Ronald Rogowski 255
Chapter 11: Globalization and Policy Diffusion: Explaining Three Decades of Liberalization by Beth A. Simmons and Zachary Elkins 275
Chapter 12: Corporate Governance: Global Markets, National Politics by Peter Gourevitch 305
Chapter 13: Globalization, Institutions, and Convergence: Fiscal Adjustment in Europe by Kathleen R. McNamara 332

Part 3. Democratic Deficits and the Problem of Accountability

Chapter 14: Democracy, Accountability, and Rights in Supranational Governance by James A. Caporaso 361
Chapter 15: Redefining Accountability for Global Governance Robert O. Keohane and Joseph S. Nye, Jr. 386
Chapter 16: Globalization and Changing Patterns of Political Authority by Miles Kahler and David A. Lake 412

References 439
Index 481

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File created: 11/11/2014

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