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Reproducing Athens:
Menander's Comedy, Democratic Culture, and the Hellenistic City
Susan Lape

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Abbreviations ix
1. Narratives of Resistance and Romance: Democracy and Comedy in the Early Hellenistic Period 1
Resilient Democracy and the Rise of Romantic Comedy 1
The Politics of Marriage and the Comic Marriage Plot 13
Comedy's Constitutive Political Silence 17
Constituting Citizens: The Laws of Genre and State 19
Comedy's Poetics of Political Membership 21
Opposites Attract: Rape,Romance,and Democratic Selection 24
The Power of Love: Female Selection and Male Education 30
Reproduction and Resistance 33
2. Reproducing Democracy in Oligarchic and Autocratic Athens 40
The Reproducibility of Athenian Democracy 40
The Policies and Politics of Demetrius of Phaleron: Law,Power,and Prior Restraint 43
Athens and the Antigonids: The Failed Foundation of Hellenistic Democracy 52
"Romantic" Resistance: Comedy and the Sterility of Empire 59
3. Making Citizens in Comedy and Court 68
Gender and Democratic Identity 68
The Importance of Acting Athenian 72
Engendering Egalitarianism 74
The Politics of Seduction 83
Passionate Protagonists and Practical Citizens 91
The Comic Romance Narrative: Marrying Interest and Necessity 96
Staging a Biopolitics of Democratic Citizenship 99
Democratic Reproduction in the Aspis 106
4. The Ethics of Democracy in Menander's Dyskolos 110
The Politics of Love at First Sight 110
The Democratic Logic of the Comic Plot 113
The Class Politics of Sexual Conduct 115
Performing Egalitarianism 121
Ethical Identity and the Democratization of Social Relations 123
Marriage Exchange and the Critique of Ideology 129
Egalitarianism and Inclusion 134
5. The Politics of Sexuality in Drama and Democratic Athens: The Case of Menander's Samia 137
The Father-Son Romance 137
Forensic Theater: Staging Comedy as Court 141
The Consequences of Nonconjugal Cohabitation 147
Demeas's Defense: Revising the Tragic Family Plot 150
Shame, Poverty, and Anger: The Politics of Affect 156
The Work of Prostitutes: The Importance of a Gender Stereotype 159
The Fragility of Manhood 167
6. The Mercenary Romance: Gender and Civic Education in the Perikeiromene and Misoumenos 171
Socializing the Mercenary Lover 171
Power and Punishment: Problems in the Perikeiromene 173
Learning the Language of Law: The Embedded Drama of Civic Education 180
Gender and International Relations 183
The Return of the Repressed: Gender and the Constraints of Genre 186
Negotiations of Martial and Marital Values in the Misoumenos 188
The Conquering Captive: Genre and Gender Inversion 192
Civic Reciprocity and the Revision of Epic Manhood 194
Ethics and Comedy's Construction of Transnational or Hellenic Citizenship 198
7. Trials of Masculinity in Democratic Discourse and Menander's Sikyonioi 202
The Loss of the Citizen-Soldier Ideal 202
The Macedonian Question and Athenian Civic Identity 206
The Moral Manliness of the Democratic Man 212
Menander's Sikyonioi: The Male Recognition Plot 215
Ideology and Intertextuality 220
Moschion's Revealing Complexion 222
The Lastauros: An Anti-Macedonian Tradition? 227
Stratophanes' Embodied Biography 231
Metadrama and the Illusion of Identity 234
Remasculinizing and Reproducing the Democratic State 237
8. Conclusion: Inevitable Reproduction? 243
Bibliography 255
Acknowledgments 279
Index Locorum 281
General Index 287

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File created: 4/21/2017

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