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A Social History of Soviet Trade:
Trade Policy, Retail Practices, and Consumption, 1917-1953
Julie Hessler

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List of Illustrations ix
List of Tables xi
Preface xiii
Introduction 1
Two Modes of Soviet Socialism 4
Buyers, Sellers, and the Social History of Trade Crisis: Revolution 9
Chapter One
Trade and Consumption in Revolutionary Russia 19
Russian Retailing and Its Unraveling 20
Effects of the Anti-trade Policy 27
The Crisis Mode of Consumption 38
Conclusion 48
Chapter Two
The Invention of Socialism 51
The Emergence of a Socialist Distribution Network, 1918-1921 53
Rationing, "Commodity Exchange," and Price Controls 61
The Antibureaucratic Backlash and Socialist Economic Culture 79
Public-Sector Shops in the Transition to the NEP 87
Conclusion 97
Chapter Three
Shopkeepers and the State 101
Poverty, Capital, and the Commercial Revival 103
The Logic of Utilization and the Regulatory Context 113
Shopkeepers 'Stories: The NEP from Below 119
Conclusion 130
Crisis: Restructuring
Chapter Four
War Communism Redux 135
The NEP from Above: Trade Policy in the Shadow of the Goods Famine 137
Bureaucratism Ascendant: The Effects of Food Shortage on the Distribution System 154
Corporatism in the Service of the Plan 173
Crisis, Consumption, and the Market 184
Conclusion 193
Chapter Five
Toward a New Model 197
Socialist Modernization: "Cultured Soviet Trade" 198
Bureaucratism Restrained 215
Stalinism and the Consumer, I: Urban Attitudes and Trends 222
Stalinism and the Consumer, II: The Peasant Challenge to Cultured Trade 230
Conclusion 243
Crisis: War
Chapter Six
The Persistent Private Sector 251
Stalin-era Bazaars 252
Travel, Bagging, and the Survivalist Consensus 273
The Revitalization of the Private Sector 279
Private Trade as a Social Formation: Continuity and Change 289
Conclusion 293
Chapter Seven
Postwar Normalization and Its Limits 296
From Wartime "Abnormalities" to the Paradox of Growth 298
Cadres Policy in Postwar Trade 310
Postwar "Cultured Trade": A Balance Sheet 316
Conclusion 325
Conclusion 329
Bibliography 337
Index 355

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File created: 4/21/2017

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