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The Good in the Right:
A Theory of Intuition and Intrinsic Value
Robert Audi

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Preface ix Introduction 1
Chapter 1. Early Twentieth-Century Intuitionism 5
1. Henry Sidgwick:Three Kinds of Ethical Intuitionism 5
2. G. E. Moore as a Philosophical Intuitionist 11
3. H. A. Prichard and the Reassertion of Dogmatic Intuitionism 14
4. C. D. Broad and the Concept of Fittingness 17
5. W. D. Ross and the Theory of Prima Facie Duty 20
6. Intuitions, Intuitionism, and Reflection 32
Chapter 2. Rossian Intuitionism as a Contemporary Ethical Theory 40
1. The Rossian Appeal to Self-Evidence 40
2. Two Types of Self-Evidence 48
3. Resources and Varieties of Moderate Intuitionism 54
4. Disagreement, Incommensurability, and the Charge of Dogmatism 60
5. Intuitive Moral Judgment and Rational Action 68
Chapter 3. Kantian Intuitionism 80
1. The Possibility of Systematizing Rossian Principles 81
2. A Kantian Integration of Intuitionist Principles 83
3. Kantian Intuitionism as a Development of Kantian Ethics 105
4. Between the Middle Axioms and Moral Decision: The Multiple Grounds of Obligation 113
Chapter 4. Rightness and Goodness 121
1. Intrinsic Value and the Grounding of Reasons for Action 122
2. Intrinsic Value and Prima Facie Duty 134
3. The Autonomy of Ethics 149
4. Deontological Constraints and Agent-Relative Reasons 151
5. The Unity Problem for Intuitionist Ethics 157
Chapter 5. Intuitionism in Normative Ethics 161
1. Five Methods in Normative Ethical Reflection 162
2. The Need for Middle Theorems 165
3. Some Dimensions of Beneficence 174
4. Toward a Comprehensive Intuitionist Ethics 177
Conclusion 197
Notes 203
Index 239

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File created: 4/21/2017

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