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The Reemergence of Self-Employment:
A Comparative Study of Self-Employment Dynamics and Social Inequality
Edited by Richard Arum & Walter Müller

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Illustrations vii
Tables xi
Preface xv
Chapter One
Self-Employment Dynamics in Advanced Economies 1
Walter Müller and Richard Arum
Chapter Two
Trends in Self-Employment in Germany: Different Types, Different Developments? 36
Henning Lohmann and Silvia Luber
Chapter Three
Entries and Exits from Self-Employment in France over the Last Twenty Years 75
Thomas Amossé and Dominique Goux
Chapter Four
Dutch Self-Employment between 1980 and 1997 104
Boris F. Blumberg and Paul M. de Graaf
Chapter Five
Self-Employment in the United Kingdom during the 1980s and 1990s 135
Nigel Meager and Peter Bates
Chapter Six
Entrepreneurs and Laborers: Two Sides of Self-Employment Activity in the United States 170
Richard Arum
Chapter Seven
Self-Employment in Australia,1980-1999 203
M.D.R.Evans and Joanna Sikora
Chapter Eight
Winners or Losers? Entry and Exit into Self-Employment in Hungary: 1980s and 1990s 245
Péter Róbert and Erzsébet Bukodi
Chapter Nine
Three Forms of Emergent Self-Employment in Post-Soviet Russia: Entry and Exit Patterns by Gender 277
Theodore P.Gerber
Chapter Ten
Self-Employment in Italy: Scaling the Class Barriers 310
Paolo Barbieri and Ivano Bison
Chapter Eleven
Entry into and Exit from Self-Employment in Japan 348
Hiroshi Ishida
Chapter Twelve
On One's Own: Self-Employment Activity in Taiwan 388
Wei-hsin Yu and Kuo-Hsien Su
Chapter Thirteen
The Reemergence of Self-Employment: Comparative Findings and Empirical Propositions 426
Richard Arum and Walter Müller
Contributors' Notes 455
Index 459

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File created: 11/11/2014

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