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Jews and the American Soul:
Human Nature in the Twentieth Century
Andrew R. Heinze

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List of Illustrations xi
Acknowledgments xiii
INTRODUCTION: Jews and the American Soul 1
PART I. One Nation under Stress, Divisible: Jewish Immigrants and the National Psyche
CHAPTER 1: Jews and the Psychodynamics of American Life 11
PART II. The Moral Universe of the Jews
CHAPTER 2: Benjamin Franklin in Hebrew: The Musar Sage of Philadelphia 39
CHAPTER 3: Jews and the Crisis of the Psyche 50
CHAPTER 4: Freud and Adler: The Rise of Jewish Psychoanalytic Moralism 64
PART III. Jewish Morality and the Psychological Shift of American Culture ,1890-1945
CHAPTER 5: Popular Psychology: The Great American Synthesis of Religion and Science 87
CHAPTER 6: Jewish Psychological Evangelism: A Collective Biography of the First Generation 103
CHAPTER 7: The Moronic Immigrant and the Neurotic Jew: Jews and American Perceptions of Intelligence, Personality, and Race 140
CHAPTER 8: The Specter of the Mob: Jews and the Battle for the American Unconscious 165
PART IV. Peace of Mind: Judaism and the Therapeutic Polemics of Postwar America
CHAPTER 9: Rabbi Liebman and the Psychic Pain of the World War II Generation 195
CHAPTER 10: Peace of Mind :A New Jewish Gospel of Love 217
CHAPTER 11: Clare Boothe Luce and the Catholic-Jewish Clash over Freud in America 241
PART V. Jews and the American Search for Meaning, 1950-2000
CHAPTER 12: Jews and the Creation of American Humanism 261
CHAPTER 13: Joyce Brothers: The Jewish Woman as Psychologist of Suburban America 295
CHAPTER 14: Holocaust, Hasidism, Suffering, Redemption 321
Conclusion 349
Notes 353
Index 419

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File created: 4/21/2017

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