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Knowing the East
Paul Claudel
Translated by James Lawler

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Introduction xi
Biographical Notes xxv
Note on the Text xxix

The Coconut Palm 3
Pagoda 5
The City at Night 9
Gardens 12
The Feast of the Dead in the Seventh Month 15
Sea Thoughts 17
Cities 18
Theater 19
Graves--Noises 21
The Entrance to the Earth 24
Religion of the Sign 26
The Banyan 29
Toward the Mountain 30
The Upper Sea 32
The Temple of Consciousness 33
October 34
November 35
Painting 37
The Contemplative 38
December 39
Storm 40
The Pig 41
Drifting 42
Doors 44
The River 46
Rain 48
Night on the Verandah 49
The Moon's Splendor 50
Dreams 51
Heat 53
Considering the City 54
Going down the River 55
The Bell 56
The Tomb 58
The Sadness of Water 61
Sailing by Night 62
Halt on the Canal 63
The Pine Tree 66
The Golden Ark in the Forest 69
The Wanderer 72
Here and There 74
The Sedentary 80
The Land Viewed from the Sea 82
Salutation 83
The Suspended House 85
The Spring 86
Noon Tide 88
Peril of the Sea 90
A Proposition on Light 92
Hours in the Garden 94
Concerning the Brain 97
Leaving the Land 99

The Lamp and the Bell 103
The Deliverance of Amaterasu 105
Visit 110
Rice 111
The Full Stop 112
Libation to the Coming Day 113
The Day of the Feast-of-All-Rivers 114
The Yellow Hour 116
Dissolution 117
Notes on the Poems 119

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File created: 11/1/2016

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