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The Carolina Parakeet:
Glimpses of a Vanished Bird
Noel F. R. Snyder

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Illustrations and Tables ix
Acknowledgments xi
Introduction 1

Chapter 1. Basic Characteristics of the Species 6
Characteristics in Flight and on Foot 7
Vocalizations 8
History of Scientific and Common Names 9
Relationship to Other Parrots 10

Chapter 2. The Decline and Fall 12
Historical Population Trends 13
Last Days of the Parakeet in Florida 14
Personal Recollections of Parakeets 19
Other Late Sightings in Florida 25

Chapter 3. Controversial Last Records 32
The Parakeet Eggs of Charles Doe 33
Parakeets in the Okefenokee 59
Parakeets along the Santee 61
Even More Recent Sightings 76

Chapter 4. Habitat Preferences and Requirements 82

Chapter 5. Feeding Habits and Movements 86
Diet and Feeding Behavior 86
Movements 93

Chapter 6. Breeding Habits 96
Nest-Site Types and Social Relationships 96
Timing of Breeding; Nest, Egg, and Nestling Characteristics 104

Chapter 7. Causes of Extinction 108
Shooting 109
Capture for the Pet Trade 112
Food Supplies 113
Nest Sites 113
Predators and Parasites 115
Disease 116

Chapter 8. Parakeet Toxicity and Other Topics for Research 121
Chapter 9. Postmortem of a Conservation Failure 126
Chapter 10. Evaluating Historical Data, and Some

General Conclusions 129
Assessing Interview Information 130
Musings on the Fate of Central Florida 134
Some Positive Parakeet Legacies 136
The Cocklebur and Its Many Potential Roles 138
A Last Look Back 140

References Cited 141
Index 149

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File created: 4/21/2017

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