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New Times in Modern Japan
Stefan Tanaka

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Acknowledgments ix
Prelude: Time, Pasts, History 1

Chapter 1: Discovery of Pasts 27
Discovery One: Pasts prior to History 30
Discovery Two: Loss of Function 31
Discovery Three: The Archipelago Has a Past 39
Elevation of Time over Space 48

Chapter 2: "Nothing Is the Way It Should Be" 54
Space of Experience: Shuten Doji 55
Nature as a Machine 60
(An)Other View: Durability of the Imprinted Form 65
"Secrets of the Human World": Meiji Ghosts 69
Stories, Tales, History 76
Denigration of Experience 82

Chapter 3: Naturalization of Nation: Essential Time 85
The Externalization of Nature 89
Like a Dragonfly: The Instability of Being Other 92
Spirituality from a Dead Past 101
Nature and Nation 108

Chapter 4: Naturalization of Nation: Chronological Time 111
History as Histoire 114
Chronology: An Alibi of Time 118
Specters of History: National Literature and Art History 126
From Ghosts to Children: The Idea of Childhood 133
Conceptual Map 137

Chapter 5: Socialization of Society 144
The "Social Problem" 147
A Cry for Experience as Experience 151
Contestation of Wills 160
The Socialization of a National Society 164

Chapter 6: Socialization of Nature: Museumification 168
Frames 170
Nostalgia 177
Childhood 179
The Tutelary Complex 182
Ghostly Remnants? 190

Epilogue 193
Works Cited 203
Index 219

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File created: 4/21/2017

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