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Workable Sisterhood:
The Political Journey of Stigmatized Women with HIV/AIDS
Michele Tracy Berger

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Acknowledgments ix
Chapter One: The Politics of Intersectional Stigma for Women with HIV/AIDS 1
An Overview of the Story 2
The New "Face" of HIV//AIDS 6
Women's Community Work: Broadening the Definition of What Constitutes Politics 7
Intersectionality 18
Stigma and Marginality 22
Intersectional Stigma 24
Coming Out of the Shadows: Stigmatized Women and Politics 36
Chapter Two: Women's Narrative Bio-Sketches 37
Advocates 38
Activists 50
Helpers 58
Life Lessons 65
Chapter Three: Capturing the Research Journey/Listening to Women's Lives 68
Section One: Finding the Women 68
Section Two: Why Did She Say That?
Creating and Analyzing Oral Narratives 79
Limitations of the Study 85
Chapter Four: Narratives of Injustice: Discovery of the HIV/AIDS Virus 87
Narratives of Injustice 88
Consequences of the Discovery of the HIV/AIDS Virus 99
Intersectional Stigma as a Contributing Factor 102
Chapter Five Life Reconstruction and the Development of Nontraditional Political Resources 105
What Is Life Reconstruction?105
The Role of Resources 106
External Resources 107
Chapter Six: Life Reconstruction and Gender 119
Aspects of Respondents' Gender Identity before HIV//AIDS and Life Reconstruction 119
Redirecting HIV-Stigma Related to Sex Work 121
Sexual Self-(Re)Education and Empowerment 129
Development of a Public Voice: What It Means to Be a Woman with HIV 133
Consequences of Not Developing a Public Voice 139
Chapter Seven: Making Workable Sisterhood Possible: The Multiple Expressions of Political Participation 143
The Women's Distrust of Conventional Politics 143
Blended and Overlapping Roles 150
Narrative Features of Participation 180
Chapter Eight: Looking to the Future: Struggle and Commitment for Stigmatized Women with HIV/AIDS 186
Collective Stories 186
Policy, Prevention, and Treatment Implications 190
Appendix 193
Notes 195
Bibliography 209
Index 225

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File created: 11/11/2014

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