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A Short History
Jürgen Osterhammel & Niels P. Petersson
Translated by Dona Geyer

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Preface vii
Chapter I. "Globalization": Circumnavigating a Term 1
A Diagnosis of the Present and a Term for a Historical Process 1
The Core Concept and the Controversies 5
Chapter II. The Dimensions of Globalization 13
World System--Imperialism--Global History 14
Networks and Interaction Spheres 21
Historical Periods 27
Chapter III. The Development and Establishment of Worldwide Connections Until 1750 31
Long-distance Trade, Empires, Ecumenes 31
Gunpowder Empires and Maritime Domains 42
Holes in the Net 49
Chapter IV. 1750-1880: Imperialism, Industrialization, and Free Trade 57
Early World Politics and Atlantic Revolutions 57
The Far-reaching Impact of the Industrial Revolution 62
Empires and Nation-States 69
The Emergence of a World Economy 76
Chapter V. 1880-1945: Global Capitalism and Global Crises 81
The Experience of Globality, Global Economy, and World Politics at the Turn of the Century 81
Imperialism and World War 90
1918-1945: Global Crises and Conflicts 99
The "American Century" 107
Chapter VI. 1945 to the Mid-1970s: Globalization Split in Two 113
Political Spaces: Power Blocs, Nation-States, and Transnational Movements 113
The Institutions of the Global Economy 121
Sociocultural Globalization? 130
Chapter VII. Conclusion 141
A New Millennium 141
On the Road to a Global Age? 145
Globalization: Putting the Concept into Perspective 150
Notes 153
Recommended Literature 171
Index 181

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File created: 11/1/2016

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