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Physicalism, or Something Near Enough
Jaegwon Kim

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Preface xi
Synopsis of the Arguments 1
CHAPTER 1: Mental Causation and Consciousness: Our Two Mind-Body Problems 7
Mental Causation and Consciousness 8
The Supervenience/Exclusion Argument 13
Can We Reduce Qualia? 22
The Two World-Knots 29
CHAPTER 2: The Supervenience Argument Motivated, Clarified, and Defended 32
Nonreductive Physicalism 33
The Fundamental Idea 36
The Supervenience Argument Refined and Clarified 39
Is Overdetermination an Option? 46
The Generalization Argument 52
Block's Causal Drainage Argument 57
CHAPTER 3: The Rejection of Immaterial Minds: A Causal Argument 70
Cartesian Dualism and Mental Causation 72
Causation and the "Pairing" Problem 78
Causality and Space 85
Why Not Locate Souls in Space? 88
Concluding Remarks 91
CHAPTER 4: Reduction, Reductive Explanation, and Closing the "Gap" 93
Reduction and Reductive Explanation 95
Bridge-Law Reduction and Functional Reduction 98
Explanatory Ascent and Constraint (R) 103
Functional Reduction and Reductive Explanation 108
Kripkean Identities and Reductive Explanation 113
Remarks about Block and Stalnaker's Proposal 117
CHAPTER 5: Explanatory Arguments for Type Physicalism and Why They Don't Work 121
Are There Positive Arguments for Type Physicalism? 123
Hill's and McLaughlin's Explanatory Argument 126
Do Psychoneural Identities Explain Psychoneural Correlations? 131
Block and Stalnaker's Explanatory Argument 139
Another Way of Looking at the Two Explanatory Arguments 146
CHAPTER 6: Physicalism, or Something Near Enough 149
Taking Stock 150
Physicalism at a Crossroads 156
Reducing Minds 161
Living with the Mental Residue 170
Where We Are at Last with the Mind-Body Problem 173
References 175
Index 181

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File created: 4/21/2017

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