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The Princeton Companion to Jonathan Edwards
Edited by Sang Hyun Lee

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Acknowledgments ix
Introduction xi
Note on References to the Yale Edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards xxi
Chronology of Edwards' Life and Writings xxiii
Chapter One: Jonathan Edwards: A Theological Life by Kenneth P. Minkema 1
Chapter Two: Edwards' Intellectual Background by Peter J. Thuesen 16
Chapter Three: Being and Consent by Richard R. Niebuhr 34
Chapter Four: The Trinity by Amy Plantinga Pauw 44
Chapter Five: God's Relation to the World by Sang Hyun Lee 59
Chapter Six: Christology by Robert W. Jenson 72
Chapter Seven: The Bible by Robert E. Brown 87
Chapter Eight: Religious Affections and the ''Sense of the Heart'' by John E. Smith 103
Chapter Nine: Freedom of the Will by Allen C. Guelzo 115
Chapter Ten: Grace and Justification by Faith Alone by Sang Hyun Lee 130
Chapter Eleven: Christian Virtue and Common Morality by John E. Smith 147
Chapter Twelve: The Church by Douglas A. Sweeney 167
Chapter Thirteen: Typology by Janice Knight 190
Chapter Fourteen: History by John F. Wilson 210
Chapter Fifteen: Eschatology by Stephen J. Stein 226
Chapter Sixteen: The Sermons: Concept and Execution by Wilson H. Kimnach 243
Chapter Seventeen: Missions and Native Americans by Gerald R. McDermott 258
Chapter Eighteen: The Puritans and Edwards by Harry S. Stout 274
Chapter Nineteen: Edwards' Theology after Edwards by Mark Noll 292
The Works of Jonathan Edwards (Yale Edition) 309
List of Contributors 311
Index 313

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File created: 11/11/2014

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