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Life in Ancient Ice
Edited by John D. Castello & Scott O. Rogers

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List of Figures ix
List of Tables xiii
Contributors xv
Acknowledgments xix
CHAPTER 1: Introduction by John D. Castello and Scott O. Rogers 1
CHAPTER 2: Recommendations for Elimination of Contaminants and Authentication of Isolates in Ancient Ice Cores by Scott O. Rogers, Li-Jun Ma, Yinghao Zhao, Vincent Theraisnathan, Seung-Geuk Shin, Gang Zhang, Catherine M. Catranis, William T. Starmer, and John D. Castello 5
CHAPTER 3: Perennial Antarctic Lake Ice: A Refuge for Cyanobacteria in an Extreme Environment by John C. Priscu, Edward E. Adams, Hans W. Paerl, Christian H. Fritsen, John E. Dore, John T. Lisle, Craig F. Wolf, and Jill A. Mikucki 22
CHAPTER 4: The Growth of Prokaryotes in Antarctic Sea Ice: Implications for Ancient Ice Communities by David S. Nichols 50
CHAPTER 5: Frozen in Time: The Diatom Record in Ice Cores from Remote Drilling Sites on the Antarctic Ice Sheets by Davida E. Kellogg and Thomas B. Kellogg 69
CHAPTER 6: The Nature and Likely Sources of Biogenic Particles Found in Ancient Ice from Antarctica by Raymond Sambrotto and Lloyd Burckle 94
CHAPTER 7: Microbial Life below the Freezing Point within Permafrost by Elizaveta Rivkina, Kayastas Laurinavichyus, and David A. Gilichinsky 106
CHAPTER 8: Yeasts Isolated from Ancient Permafrost 118
by Rushaniya N. Faizutdinova, Nataliya E. Suzina, Vitalyi I. Duda, Lada E. Petrovskaya, and David A. Gilichinsky 118
CHAPTER 9: Fungi in Ancient Permafrost Sediments of the Arctic
and Antarctic Regions by Nataliya E. Ivanushkina, Galina A. Kochkina, and Svetlana M. Ozerskaya 127
CHAPTER 10: Viable Phototrophs: Cyanobacteria and Green Algae
from the Permafrost Darkness by Tatiana A. Vishnivetskaya, Ludmila G. Erokhina, Elena V. Spirina, Anastasia V. Shatilovich, Elena A. Vorobyova, Alexander I. Tsapin, and David A. Gilichinsky 140
CHAPTER 11: The Significance and Implications of the Discovery of Filamentous Fungi in Glacial Ice by Li-Jun Ma, Catherine M. Catranis, William T. Starmer, and
Scott O. Rogers 159
CHAPTER 12: Yeasts in the Genus Rhodotorula Recovered from the Greenland Ice Sheet by William T. Starmer, Jack W. Fell, Catherine M. Catranis, Virginia Aberdeen, Li-Jun Ma, Shuang Zhou, and Scott O. Rogers 181
CHAPTER 13: Plant and Bacterial Viruses in the Greenland Ice Sheet by John D. Castello, Scott O. Rogers, James E. Smith, William T. Starmer, and Yinghao Zhao 196
CHAPTER 14: Viral Pathogens of Humans Likely to Be Preserved in Natural Ice by Dany Shoham 208
CHAPTER 15: Classification of Bacteria from Polar and Nonpolar Glacial Ice by Brent C. Christner, Ellen Mosley-Thompson, Lonnie G. Thompson, and John N. Reeve 227
CHAPTER 16: Common Features of Microorganisms in Ancient Layers of the Antarctic Ice Sheet by S.S. Abyzov, M.N. Poglazova, J.N. Mitskevich, and M.V. Ivanov 240
CHAPTER 17: Comparative Biological Analyses of Accretion Ice from
Subglacial Lake Vostok by Robin Bell, Michael Studinger, Anahita Tikku, and John D. Castello 251
CHAPTER 18: Search for Microbes and Biogenic Compounds in Polar Ice Using Fluorescence by Ryan Bay, Nathan Bramall, and P. Buford Price 268
CHAPTER 19: Living Cells in Permafrost as Models for Astrobiology Research by Elena A. Vorobyova, V.S. Soina, A.G. Mamukelashvili, A. Bolshakova, I.V. Yaminsky, and A.L. Mulyukin 277
CHAPTER 20: A Synopsis of the Past, an Evaluation of the Current, and a Glance toward the Future by John D. Castello and Scott O. Rogers 289
Index 301

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File created: 4/21/2017

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