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Capital and Collusion:
The Political Logic of Global Economic Development
Hilton L. Root

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Tables and Figures ix

PART I: Analytical Perspectives 1

CHAPTER ONE: Risk, Uncertainty, and Social Progress 3
CHAPTER TWO: Social Foundations of Policy Credibility 17
CHAPTER THREE: Politics and Economic Structure: The Economic Logic of Autocracy 35
CHAPTER FOUR: An Amazing Economy of Information: The Financial System 48

PART II: Regional and National Complexity 57

CHAPTER FIVE: Closing the Social Productivity Gap in East Asia 59
CHAPTER SIX: The Price of Exclusion: Latin America's Explosive Debt 89
CHAPTER SEVEN: Why Not India?New Century, New Country 114
CHAPTER EIGHT: Pakistan on the Edge 157
CHAPTER NINE: China's Capitalist Dream: Between Hierarchy and Market 187

PART III: Conclusion 219

CHAPTER TEN: Mobilizing the State as Public Risk Manager 221
CONCLUSION: Uncertainty, Competition, and Collusion in Early Capital

Accumulation 246
Acknowledgments 249
Appendix 1 Data Sources 251
Appendix 2 Variables 252
Notes 253
References 307
Index 327

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File created: 10/23/2013

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