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The Mind's Eye:
Art and Theological Argument in the Middle Ages
Edited by Jeffrey F. Hamburger & Anne-Marie Bouché

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Introduction by Jeffrey F. Hamburger
The Place of Theology in Medieval Art History: Problems, Positions, Possibilities by Jeffrey F. Hamburger
Anthropology and the Use of Religious Images in the Opus Caroli Regis (Libri Carolini) by Karl F. Morrison
Replica: Images of Identity and the Identity of Images in Prescholastic France by Brigitte Miriam Bedos-Rezak
Is There a Theology of the Gothic Cathedral? A Re-reading of Abbot Suger's Writings on the Abbey Church of St.-Denis by Andreas Speer
Christ and the Vision of God: The Biblical Diagrams of the Codex Amiatinus by Celia Chazelle
Raban Maur, Bernard de Clairvaux, Bonaventure: expression de l'espace et topographie spirituelle dans les images médiévales by Christian Heck
Typology and Its Uses in the Moralized Bible by Christopher Hughes
L'Exception corporelle: à propos de l'Assomption de Marie by Jean-Claude Schmitt
Theologians as Trinitarian Iconographers by Bernard McGinn
Seeing and Seeing Beyond: The Mass of St. Gregory in the Fifteenth Century by Caroline Walker Bynum
Porous Subject Matter and Christ's Haunted Infancy by Alfred Acres
Love's Arrows: Christ as Cupid in Late Medieval Art and Devotion by Barbara Newman
Moving Images in the Mind's Eye by Marty Carruthers
Vox Imaginis: Anomaly and Enigma in Romanesque Art by Anne-Marie Bouché
Seeing as Action and Passion in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries by Katherine H. Tachau
"As far as the eye can see. . .": Rituals of Gazing in the Late Middle Ages by Thomas Lentes
The Medieval Work of Art: Wherein the "Work"? Wherein the "Art"? by Jeffrey F. Hamburger
Turning a Blind Eye: Medieval Art and the Dynamics of Contemplation by Herbert L. Kessler

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File created: 4/21/2017

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