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Classical Pasts:
The Classical Traditions of Greece and Rome
Edited by James I. Porter

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List of Illustrations and Table vii
Acknowledgments ix
List of Abbreviations xi

Introduction: What Is "Classical" about Classical Antiquity? by James I. Porter 1

Part I: The Deep Past: Bronze Age Classicism

Chapter 1: "No Greater Marvel": A Bronze Age Classic at Orchomenos by Susan E. Alcock and John F. Cherry 69

Part II: Classical Innovations

Chapter 2: Intimations of the Classical in Early Greek Mousik by Armand D'Angour 89
Chapter 3: Rehistoricizing Classicism: Isocrates and the Politics of Metaphor in Fourth-Century Athens by Yun Lee Too 106

Part III: Baroque Classics

Chapter 4: Baroque Classics: The Tragic Muse and the Exemplum by Andrew Stewart 127

Part IV Latin Letters

Chapter 5: From into PHILOSOPHIA: Classicism and Ciceronianism John Henderson 173
Chapter 6: The Concept of the Classical and the Canons of Model Authors in Roman Literature by Mario Citroni 204

Part V: Roman Art

Chapter 7: Greek Styles and Greek Art in Augustan Rome: Issues of the Present versus Records of the Past Tonio Hölscher 237
Chapter 8: Classicism in Roman Art by Jas Elsner 270

Part VI: Imperial Prose

Chapter 9: Feeling Classical: Classicism and Ancient Literary Criticism by James I. Porter 301
Chapter 10: Quickening the Classics: The Politics of Prose in Roman Greece by Tim Whitmarsh 353

Coda Looking Back and Beyond

Chapter 11: Athens as the School of Greece by Glenn W. Most 377

Bibliography 389
Contributors 431
Index 433

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File created: 11/11/2014

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