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Exile, Ostracism, and Democracy:
The Politics of Expulsion in Ancient Greece
Sara Forsdyke

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Introduction [in PDF format]


Acknowledgments ix
Chronology xi
Abbreviations and Conventions xiii
Introduction: Problems, Methods, Concepts 1

Chapter One: Setting the Stage Intra-elite Conflict and the Early Greek Polis 15
Continuity and Change: Social Diversity in Dark Age Greece 17
The Eighth Century and the Rise of the Polis 18
Conclusion 28

Chapter Two: The Politics of Exile and the Crisis of the Archaic Polis Four Case Studies: Mytilene, Megara, Samos, and Corinth 30
Archaic Poetry and History: A Methodological Introduction 32
Mytilene 36
Megara 48
Samos 59
Corinth 69
Conclusion 77

Chapter Three: From Exile to Ostracism The Origins of Democracy in Athens, circa 636-508/7 79
The Politics of Exile in Archaic Athens: Cylon, Draco, and the Trial of the Alcmeonidae 80
The Beginnings of Change: Solon 90
A New Type of Politics: Pisistratus and Sons 101
An End to the Politics of Exile: Cleisthenes and the Democratic Revolution 133
Conclusion 142

Chapter Four: Ostracism and Exile in Democratic Athens 144
The Procedure of Ostracism 146
Ostracism as a Symbolic Institution 149
Ostracisms in Fifth-Century Athens 165
Other Forms of Exile under the Athenian Democracy 178
Exile and the Oligarchic Revolutions of 411 and 404 181
Conclusion 204

Chapter Five: Exile and Empire Expulsion in Inter-State Politics 205
Athenian Control and Limitation of Exile: The Erythrae Decree 207
Further Regulation of Exile: The Chalcis Decree 210
A Judicial Decree? 223
Thucydides, Isocrates, and the Legitimacy of Athenian Power 226
Exile and the Tyrant City: A Critique of Athenian Power 232
Exile and the Mythical Past: The Defense of Athenian Power 234
Conclusion 239

Chapter Six: Exile in the Greek Mythical and Historical Imagination 240
Myth, History, and Social Memory: Approaching the Greek Historical Imagination 242
Exile in the Democratic Tradition 244
Exile in the Anti-Democratic Tradition 267
Conclusion 276

Conclusion 278
Appendix One: The Date of the Athenian Law of Ostracism 281
Appendix Two: Ostracism outside Athens 285
Appendix Three: Exile in Spartan Myth and History 289

Bibliography 301
Index Locorum 327
General Index 334

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File created: 11/11/2014

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