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True Faith and Allegiance:
Immigration and American Civic Nationalism
Noah Pickus

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Preface ix
Introduction 1
Naturalization and Nationhood in Three Eras 6
Citizenship in Theory and Practice 11

Chapter One: Immigration, Citizenship, and the Nation's Founding 15
Diversity and Nationhood 16
Immigration and Citizenship 22
"Men Who Can Shake Off Their Attachments to Their Own Country" 25
America's Civic Character 29

Chapter Two: Alienage and Nationalism in the Early Republic 34
Partisan and Ideological Divisions 35
"The Constitution Was Made for Citizens, Not Aliens" 37
The Rights of Aliens, Citizens, and States 42
Marshall, Madison, and Moderate Civic Nationalism 47

Chapter Three: The Free White Clause of 1790 52
Why White? 53
"We Have the Wolf by the Ears": Obstacles to Integration 56
Emancipation without Citizenship 58
Civic Nationalism and the Claims of History 61

Chapter Four: Americanization and Pluralism in the Progressive Era 64
Citizenship and Nativism, 1830-1911 65
Americanization, Progressivism, and John Dewey's International Nationalism 71
Randolph Bourne, Jane Addams, and the Practice of Pluralism 76

Chapter Five: Nationalism in the Progressive Era 85
Roosevelt's New Nationalism 86
Naturalization and Constitutional Attachment 90
Education for Citizenship 96
"We Mutually Pledge to Each Our Lives, Our Fortunes, and Our Sacred Honor": Frances Kellor and the National Americanization Committee 100

Chapter Six: World War I and the Turn to Coercion 107
Tightening the Boundaries of Citizenship 108
Postwar Americanization and the Specter of Separatism 112
The Peril and the Promise of Civic Nationalism 118

Chapter Seven: Immigration and Citizenship at Century's End 124
From New Deal Nationalism to Nationality as a Human Right 125
"Name One Benefit of Being a Citizen of the United States": Amnesty and the New Naturalization Process 131
Alien Rights and Minority Representation 136
The Return of the Nation 140

Chapter Eight: A New Civic Nationalism 147
Bourneian and Rooseveltian Civic Nationalism 148
Alternatives to Civic Nationalism 153
The Evasion of Politics and the Madisonian Moment 160
Tolerance, Neglect, and Governance by Proposition 164

Epilogue 171
Immigration and Immigrant Policy 173
What Naturalization Can Do 175
Beyond Naturalization 178
Dual Citizenship and Global Linkages 181

Notes 185
Index 241

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File created: 4/21/2017

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