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Poverty Traps
Edited by Samuel Bowles, Steven N. Durlauf, & Karla Hoff

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Acknowledgments vii

Introduction by Samuel Bowles, Steven N. Durlauf, and Karla Hoff 1

Part One: Threshold Effects 15

Chapter 1: The Theory of Poverty Traps What Have We Learned? by Costas Azariadis 17

Part Two: by Institutions 41

Chapter 2: The Persistence of Poverty in the Americas The Role of Institutions by Stanley L. Engerman and Kenneth L. Sokoloff 43
Chapter 3: Parasites by Halvor Mehlum, Karl Moene, and Ragnar Torvik 79
Chapter 4: The Kin System as a Poverty Trap? byKarla Hoff and Arijit Sen 95
Chapter 5: Institutional Poverty Traps by Samuel Bowles 116

Part Three: Neighborhood Effects 139

Chapter 6: Groups, Social Influences, and Inequality by Steven N. Durlauf 141
Chapter 7: Durable Inequality Spatial Dynamics, Social Processes, and the Persistence of Poverty in Chicago Neighborhoods by Robert J. Sampson and Jeffrey D. Morenoff 176
Chapter 8: Spatial Concentration and Social Stratification Does the Clustering of Disadvantage "Beget " Bad Outcomes?? by Michael E. Sobel 204

Contributors 231
Index 233

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File created: 10/23/2013

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