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Dining Posture in Ancient Rome:
Bodies, Values, and Status
Matthew B. Roller

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List of Illustrations ix
Acknowledgments xi
Abbreviations xiii
Introduction 1

Chapter One: Dining Men: Posture, Leisure, and Privilege 15
1. Overview 15
2. Reclining and Elite Otium: Some Literary Evidence 16
3. Reclining and Social Integration: Subelite Funerary Monuments 22
4. Reclining and Self-Reflection: Pompeian Mural Decoration 45
a. Casa del Fabbro (I.10.7) 49
b. Casa dei Casti Amanti (IX.12.6-7) 61
c. VI.16.36 69
d. Casa del Triclinio (V. 2.4) 70
e. Provisional Conclusions: Subelites and Self-Reflection 77
f. Grand Houses 80
5. Alternative Postures and the Rejection of Otium 84
6. Conclusion: The Popina 92

Chapter Two: Dining Women: Posture, Sex, and Status 96
1. Overview 96
2. Women's Dining Posture, Ideology and Practice: Literary Representations 98
a. Republican Period 99
b. Augustan Period 112
c. Imperial Period 118
3. Women's Dining Posture and Family Values: Subelite Funerary Monuments 123
4. Women's Dining Posture and Self-Reflection: Pompeian Mural Decoration 139
5. Conclusion: The Ideology and Practice of Women's Dining Posture 153

Chapter Three: Dining Children: Posture, Pedagogy, and Coming-of-Age 157
1. Overview 157
2. Sitting Children 159
3. Reclining Children 169
4. General Conclusions 175

Appendix: Convivial Wine Drinking and Comissationes 181
Catalogue of Funerary Monuments and Wall Paintings 189

Bibliography 197
Index Locorum 209
General Index 215

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File created: 4/21/2017

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