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Making War and Building Peace:
United Nations Peace Operations
Michael W. Doyle & Nicholas Sambanis

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List of Figures ix
List of Tables xi
List of Boxes xiii
Acknowledgments xv
Acronyms xvii

Chapter One: Introduction: War-Making, Peacebuilding, and the United Nations 1
The New Interventionism 6
Generations of UN Peace Operations 10
The Challenge of Peacebuilding 18
Plan of the Book 23

Chapter Two: Theoretical Perspectives 27
Internal (Civil) War and Peacebuilding 28
Theories of Civil War 31
Implications of Civil War Theory for UN Intervention 49
A Peacebuilding Triangle 63

Chapter Three: Testing Peacebuilding Strategies 69
Triangulating Peace 69
The Peacebuilding Dataset 72
Analysis of Peacebuilding Success in the Short Run 86
Policy Hypotheses and Hypothesis Testing 93
Policy Analysis 125
Conclusion 131
Appendix A: Definitions and Coding Rules 132
Appendix B: Summary Statistics for Key Variables 138
Chapter Four: Making War 144
Somalia 145
The Former Yugoslavia 161
Congo 172
Clausewitz and Peacekeeping 184

Chapter Five: Making Peace: Successes 197
Monitoring and Facilitation in El Salvador 200
Administratively Controlling (but Barely) Peace in Cambodia 209
Executive Implementation of Peace in Eastern Slavonia 223
Dayton's Dueling Missions and Brcko--Dayton's Supervisory Footnote 230
East Timor 243

Chapter Six: Making Peace: Failures 257
Cyprus 257
Rwanda 281
Chapter Seven: Transitional Strategies 303
The Four Strategies 304
Transitional Authority 319
Chapter Eight: Conclusions 334
The Peacebuilding Record 334
A Seven-Step Plan 337
The Costs of Staying--and Not Staying--the Course 342
Alternatives? 346

Bibliography 353
Index 381

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File created: 4/21/2017

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