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How Bush Rules:
Chronicles of a Radical Regime
Sidney Blumenthal

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Acknowledgments xi
Introduction: The Radical President 1

Mission Accomplished": From the Victory in Iraq to the Defeat of John Kerry

The Intelligence Wars 27
Bush and Blair: Lessons in Leadership 31
How George Transformed Tony's World 34
The Good Soldier 36
An Unlikely Dissident 39
The Hunt for WMD 41
The Madrid Express: 9/11 Meets 9/11 44
The Counterterrorism Czar Comes In from the Cold 46
The White House Has the Last Laugh 48
The Road Map to Nowhere 50
The President Goes Blank 52
The Silence of Colin Powell 54
Pulp Fictions 57
The Secrets of Abu Ghraib 60
The American Military Coup of 2012 63
The Holy Warrior 66
Riding the Trojan Horse 68
The Specter of Vietnam 71
The Reagan Legacy 74
Reagan's Funeral and Clinton's Portrait 76
Cheney's Mask Slips 79
The Senate's Da Vinci Code 82
Code Orange 85
The Oath of True Believers 87
The Rule of Chaos 89
Shock and Awe: The Republican National Convention, Day One 92
Fear and Narcissism: The Republican National Convention, Day Two 95
None Dare Call It Treason: The Republican National Convention, Day Three: 98
"A Certain Swagger": The Republican National Convention,Day Four 100
Staring at Defeat 103
Falls the Shadow 106
"The Right God" 108
"The Lowest Grade of Ignorance" 110
Colin Powell's Final Days 112
Dedication Day 115

Catastrophic Success": From the Death of Terry Schiavo to the Vigil of Cindy Sheehan

Mission Misconceived 119
All Hail Caligula's Horse! 122
Medals of Failure 124
Purging Poppy 127
Metrics 129
Regime Change 132
"A Broken Force" 134
The March of Folly 137
Spending Political Capital 140
A Hireling, a Fraud, and a Prostitute 143
The Plot against the New Deal 145
Orwell's Clock 150
The Brilliant Career of Jack Abramoff 153
A Confederacy of Shamans 159
The Passion of the Culture War 162
Politics under Red Robes 166
The Keys of the Kingdom 169
"Serial Abuser" 175
The Good Soldier's Revenge 181
The Incredible Shrinking President 184
Damage 189
Guantanamo 192
The Truth about Torture 199
Deep Throat's Lessons 204
A Broken Body 207
Blinded by the Light at the End of the Tunnel 211
"The Last Throes" 214
The Supreme Chance of a Lifetime 220
Rove's War 223
Tunnel Vision 231
"The Meaning of Words" 234
Above the Rule of Law 238
The Informer 241
Unhappy Holiday 249
Question Time 251

Heck of a Job": From the Landfall of Hurricane Katrina to the Revolt of the Generals

Hurricane Katrina 259
"What Didn't Go Right?" 262
"Heck of a Job" 268
From Gulf to Shining Gulf 270
Karen Hughes Takes a Tour 275
Twenty-First-Century Republicanism 278
Judy d'Arc 286
The Conservative Revolt 289
The Indictment of Scooter Libby 292
Cheney's rTial/ 295
Stab in the Back 298
The Long March of Dick Cheney 300
Bob Woodward's Cover-up 307
Condi's Tortuous Trail 310
"The Law is King" 316
Annus Horribilis 322
Bush's War on Professionals 325
Meek,Mild, and Menacing 331
The Republican System 334
The Proconsul's Apologia 343
Bush's Brezhnev Period 345
The Client 349
The Rules of the Game 351
Cheney's Coup 355
A Lincoln Portrait 358
Once More unto the Breach 362
Sex Police Chief Arrested 364
Blood and Sand 367
The Love Song of Francis Fukuyama 372
Apocalypse Now 375
Card Shuffle 378
I, DeLay 382
Tethered Goats 385
The President of Truth 388
The Decider 395

Epilogue: The Passion of George W. Bush 399
Index 405

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File created: 4/21/2017

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