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Buddhist Goddesses of India
Miranda Shaw

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Acknowledgments ix
Note on Transliteration xi

Introduction 1

Part One: Ascent of the Sacred Female in Early Buddhism

Chapter 1: Prthiv: Mother Earth 17
Chapter 2: Mayadev: The Buddha's Wondrous Mother and Her Sacred Grove 38
Chapter 3: Yaksins: Voluptuous, Magical Nature Spirits 62
Chapter 4: Sri Laksmi: Glorious Good Fortune 94
Chapter 5: Hariti: Goddess of Motherly Love 110
Chapter 6: Female Buddhas: The Case of Gotami 143

Part Two: Mahayana Mothers of Liberation

Chapter 7: Goddesses in the Flower Ornament Scripture 155
Chapter 8: Praj~naparamita: Luminous Mother of Perfect Wisdom 166
Chapter 9: Parnasavar: Healing Goddess Clothed in Leaves 188
Chapter 10: Mairci: Lady of Sunrise Splendor 203
Chapter 11: Janguli: The Buddhist Snake Goddess 224
Chapter 12: Sarasvati: Divine Muse 234
Chapter 13: Vasudhara: Lady Bountiful 247
Chapter 14: Cunda: Saving Grace 265
Chapter 15: Sitatapatra: Invincible Goddess With a Thousand Heads and Hands 276
Chapter 16: Usnisavijaya: Bestower of Long Life and Immortality 291
Chapter 17: Tara: Mahayana Buddha, Universal Savior 306

Part Three: Tantric Female Buddhas

Chapter 18: Vajrayogini: Her Dance Is Total Freedom 357
Chapter 19: Nairatmya: Her Body Is the Sky 387
Chapter 20: Chinnamunda: Severed-Headed Goddess 403
Chapter 21: Simhamukha: Lion-Faced Female Buddha 418
Chapter 22: Kurukulla: Red Enchantress with Flowered Bow 432

Epilogue 448

Notes 453
Glossary of Tibetan 521
Bibliography 525
Index 553

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File created: 4/21/2017

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